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12/02/21 - PE


Warm up activity - Have a go at this Joe Wicks full body work out to get your heart racing!


NEW!!! FULL BODY WORKOUT | 20 Minutes | The Body Coach TV - YouTube


Today is our final tag rugby lesson, so I would like you to have a go at some of the skills we have learned over the past few weeks. This can include activities such as:


  • Try throwing a ball sideways (like in a game of rugby) to someone in your house. If you do not have a ball don't worry you can roll a pair of socks together into a ball and use those instead. To give yourself a challenge increase the distance between you and set a time limit to see how many successful passes you can achieve.
  • Work on your coordination with a ball by throwing a ball (or socks) at a target. 
  • Place two markers a good distance apart (e.g. 7 HUGE steps) and see how quick you can run back and forth between them.
  • 4-minute run (rugby matches last a long time so you need to have good muscular endurance/stamina).


To cool yourself down today have a go at this icy yoga adventure...

Joybob The Polar Bear | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! - YouTube

08.02.21 - PE


Today we are going to recap the skills we have learned in athletics this term! Your challenges are...


1) How fast can you run 25m? To do this you will need a stopwatch/timer and some free space. If you are able to mark out 25m using a tape measure then please do, if not then take 25 huge steps and place a marker (a jumper, book, pair of socks, whatever you have at home that will stay still) where you finish. Time yourself to see how fast you can run that distance and try and beat your score each time!


2) How far can you jump? To complete this challenge you will need a marker to place where you land. You will jump with both feet, swing your arms back to help give you more power to jump forward and mark where you land. If you have a measuring tape at home then measure your distance you have jumped too! Keep practising and try to beat your distance each time!


3) 4 Minute Run!! Try and pace yourself to run for 4 minutes without stopping. This may be in some free space at home, in your garden or outside in some free space e.g. along the sea front (take a trusted adult with you and ask permission).


Well done for completing those challenges! Now time for a cool down, with a Valentine's Day themed yoga (skip to 5:30 if you do not want to watch her shout outs to children at home)...

Valentine's Day Yoga For Kids! 💘 Yoga Club (Week 27) | Cosmic Kids - YouTube


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