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PE - 05.03.21


Warm up with Joe Wicks in this 8 minute work out!

Active 8 Minute Workout Featuring Izzy | The Body Coach TV - YouTube


Your main activity today is going to be looking at shooting in football! For this activity today you will need two markers to make a goal (this could be anything that will stay still and won't break when you kick a ball towards it e.g. two jumpers, boots, books) and a ball. If you do not have a ball, roll some pairs of socks together to create one. You need to try kicking the ball towards the goal, focusing on aim and power behind your kick. Give yourself a challenge and try shooting the ball into the goal from different angles and distances. The further away you are from the goal, the trickier it will be!


Cool yourself down with a Star Wars themed cosmic kids yoga - Well done Year 3!:)

Star Wars (The Force Awakens) | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! - YouTube

PE - 01.03.21

To warm up today have a go at this quick Joe Wicks batman workout!

NEW!!! 5 minute BATMAN Workout for Kids | The Body Coach TV - YouTube


Today we are going to look at a new skill in football - passing! To pass the ball in football the non-striking foot comes beside the ball and the striking foot comes through with the side of the foot connecting with the ball. To control the ball you need to get in line with the ball and stop it with the inside of the foot and not stamp on the ball. Below is a video showing what it should look like:


How to Pass a Soccer Ball | Soccer Skills - YouTube 


If you do not have any type of ball at home to use, please do not worry! You can roll a few pairs of socks into a ball instead. Here are a few challenges I would like you to have a go at:

- If there is someone at home who can help, try passing the ball to them from a short distance and gradually increase the distance each time you make a successful pass, if the ball goes too far past one of you or not close enough to receive the pass then you need to start back at the beginning!!

- Use an object at home as a marker (e.g. a book, jumper, anything that will stay still) and try to kick the ball to the marker. Gradually increase the distance between yourself and the marker.

- Can you try combining dribbling and passing by setting out some smaller objects on the floor to dribble round and pass it to someone or a marker at the end?


Once you have had a go at these challenges, cool down with some relaxing yoga...


Yoga In The Jungle: Saturday Morning Yoga | Cosmic Kids - YouTube

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