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P.E. 08.01.21


For your second P.E. lesson this week, here are a few suggestions of what you could do:


  • Go for a run (locally), set out a route and time how long it takes. Your challenge will be to try and better that time next week!
  • Work on your hand or feet coordination with a ball by throwing or kicking a ball at a target. If you are inside, you could roll a pair of socks into a ball and use that instead. You could give yourself a time limit (e.g. 1 minute) and see how many times you can hit the target in that time.
  • Work on throwing and catching between one or more of you if there are other people you can practice with. See how many times you can pass the ball (or socks) without dropping it. To make it harder, increase the distance between you or try different types of throws.
  • If you want to do a different sport or physical activity (including those you may already do as hobbies) then that is perfectly acceptable as well.

P.E. 04.01.21


For P.E. this week, you have a choice of doing a 2021 Kickstarter workout with Joe Wicks or you can have a go at some 'Sonic the Hedgehog' themed yoga. If you do other sports or physical activities at home (e.g. dance) that you would prefer to do then you can choose to do that instead.

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