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P.E. 22.01.21


Today we are going to start our day with a frog-tacular workout from 'The Froggy Coach' (link below) who may or may not be related to 'The Bosy Coach', Joe Wicks...


Once you have finished hopping around then there are a few activities you can try out. Some suggestions are from last week or the week before if you want to continue developing those skills or you can choose a new one to have a go at:


  • Work on your hand coordination with a ball by throwing a ball at a target. If you are inside, you could roll a pair of socks into a ball and use that instead. You could give yourself a time limit (e.g. 1 minute) and see how many times you can hit the target in that time.
  • Work on throwing and catching between one or more of you if there are other people you can practice with. See how many times you can pass the ball (or socks) without dropping it. To make it harder, increase the distance between you or try different types of throws.
  • Place two markers a good distance apart (e.g. 7 HUGE steps) and see how quick you can run back and forth between them.
  • 4-minute run (rugby matches last a long time so you need to have good muscular endurance/stamina).
  • Ride a bike along a pre-planned route. Time yourself to see how fast you can complete it and then try beating your time next time. Remember to stay safe if you decide to go outside.
  • Set up your own obstacle course. Can you create a course where people might have to jump over or duck under things? Maybe they need to throw something at a target or balance something on their heads? Get creative and have fun with this one!


If you do other physical activities, exercise, sports or dance, then that is fine to do as well!


Enjoy :)

PE 18.01.21


For today's P.E. lesson, you can complete the second part to the 'Firefighter fit kids' HIIT workout learning more about important fire safety tips whilst exercising! Afterwards, you can have a go at some 'Jedis and Astronauts ' themed yoga. If you would prefer to complete other sports or physical activities at home like dance, then you can choose to do that instead.

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