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Phonics - 21.01.21

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Today we are going to start with a slightly new challenge, where we need to say as many sounds as possible in a minute time limit!! Get ready to say your sounds at home as quick as possible as we fly through the sound cards. The main activity today is writing down our spelling words for the week, using colouring pens and/or different sized letters. There are a couple of examples in the video. You can practice writing them as many times as you like. After the phonics session log onto spelling shed, where you can have a try at our new words for next week too! Enjoy :)

Phonics 20/1/21

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In today's Phonics you need to have a go at your starter tasks by yourself by logging on to the Phonics Play website to play Flashcards speed trial and Tricky words trucks. We take a look at the third sound we are practicing this week which is the 'au' sound. We watch Geraldine Giraffe on the video and then I show you the task Miss Hopkinson would like you to do in today's lesson.

Phonics (19/1/21)

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In today's Phonics the children do some more phonics flashcards and tricky words work on the Phonics Play site. (Remember if they want to log on and play themselves they can do this too rather than watch that bit on the video if an adult is working with them) We then take a look at the new sound for today which is the 'oe' digraph in words such as tiptoe, Joe and poem. I show the children a video that demonstrates the 'oe' sound in different words using the sound buttons. Finally the children need to follow the instructions I give to the tasks set by Miss Hopkinson to practice reading and writing the 'oe' sound.

(Just a reminder that if your child DOES NOT have Miss Hopkinson for Phonics/Literacy lessons, they do not need to complete this lesson. They do spelling work instead at school so should follow the spelling video lessons that are created each day)

Phonics (18/1/21) Miss Hopkinson's Literacy Set

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In today's lesson we begin by logging on to PhonicsPlay to recap our phase 3 and phase 5 sounds and our tricky words using the Flashcards speed trial and tricky words trucks games. Play along at home, reading the sounds and the tricky words if you know them. You can pause the video each time to give yourself a little extra time to work them out. You could also log on to PhonicsPlay yourself and play the games yourself and test how fast you can do them yourself. You might need an adult to get you set up. Phonics Play have free subscriptions at the current time to help support home learners. You will find these details on the main page (

Once you've had a go at these tasks I introduce to you your sounds to learn this week. These are the ew, oe and au digraph sounds. We take a little look at our spellings and watch a Geraldine Giraffe video for the ew sound. Finally I explain the task for which you will need to read the postcard on screen, write down all the words that you think have the ew sound in them and then practice reading them using your sound buttons.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on!

Good luck!
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