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30.03.21 - Science

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Today you are going to use all the information we have learned over the past term to... DESIGN YOUR OWN ANIMAL! To start the lesson we will watch a 'Discovery Education' video about animals and their habitats. Throughout the slides I will remind you of some key points you need to think about when designing your animal. You need to think about things like: whether the animal lives in a hot or cold climate, if it'll have thick fur or gills, what colour is is going to be, if it is a predator, along with many other points discussed in the slides. You can write down the information about your animal straight into your home learning book/on a piece of paper or you can print the worksheet if you have access to a printer. Write all the information FIRST before you draw your animal, so you can use it to help your design. Your animal must be able to survive in its habitat. Also, give your creation a name! I will look forward to seeing your animal designs!

30.03.21 - Science activity sheet

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