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Use this link to help you complete the work, the videos are great.
Then look at this Twinkl powerpoint to help support your learning and download the below document and answer the questions.

Twinkl ratio powerpoint

Have a go at the 1* sheets within these documents and if you find those ok, move onto the 2* sheets.



Day 1 SPAG – Make 2 posters; 1 Showing FANBOYS (coordinating conjunctions) 1 Showing AWHITEBUS (subordinating conjunctions).


Day 2 SPAG – Look at below PowerPoint on Twinkl, complete differentiated worksheets shown below - start with the 1* and work your way up if you can.





Picture 1

Day 3 Reading – James and the Giant Peach Reading Comprehension (on Twinkl)


Day 4  Writing – Write a diary as James – choose one day / event to write about. Not actually on Twinkl.


Day 5 Writing – Write a letter as the Aunts, persuading James to come back home from New York. (links on Twinkl) 

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