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Hi everyone!
Here you will find maths work for anyone who is in my (Miss Thurgood's) set. Watch the videos on the main maths page and then come here in order to find your work.
At the top of this page you will also find a 100 square and multiplication square that you can use to help you with your calculations should you need them.
Remember to upload all of your fantastic work onto Class Dojo so that we can see! If you have any questions, message your class teacher and we will help yousmiley

100 square

Miss Thurgood maths 15.01.21 - Arithmetic

Miss Thurgood maths 13.01.21 - To calculate the perimeter of regular polygons.

Miss Thurgood maths 12.01.21 - To calculate the area of squares and rectangles.

Miss Thurgood maths 11.01.21 - To calculate the perimeter of a triangle.

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