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Literacy (4/3/21)

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It's the last literacy lesson of the week and the last day of our non-chronological reports unit. In today's lesson we learn about the importance of proof-reading our work, will practice how to make corrections and then do this for our previous paragraphs we completed earlier in the week. Part 2 involves writing a final closing paragraph for our non chronological report. When you put all of your writing together this week you will have stacked and created a mini non-chronological report. If we were at school, we would be writing this up neatly for our Big Write books but there's no need for that this time while you are working at home. I've been extremely impressed with your writing this week so keep it up for one final day and we will see you next week for Literacy in class!!!

Literacy (3/3/21)

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In today's lesson we will be continuing our non-chronological report on jungles. You will be writing an information paragraph for your report today. I model writing one about jungle animals which you can do too or you can write according to your own interests as long as it fits in with the topic of jungles. Teachers are looking forward to seeing your writing later on today!

Literacy 2/3/21

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Literacy (2/3/21)
We are continuing work on writing the paragraphs in a non-chronological report on Jungles today. After writing an introduction yesterday we are going to move on to writing an information paragraph about the jungle during this lesson. Today we will carry out some research to find out facts about what a jungle actually is and then put those ideas into carefully constructed sentences using a range of openers, conjunctions and sentence types. Children will just need to write their paragraph into their books today. Remember to check your punctuation at the end and make any corrections to spellings, capital letters and full stops.

Literacy (1/3/21)

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In today's Literacy lesson we are beginning to write some paragraphs from a non-chronological report on jungles. Today we are working on writing an effective introduction to a non-chronological report. You will also come up with a catchy title for a jungle report today. Try and think about the paragraphs you will want to write about later in the week. Some ideas are:

What is a jungle?
Where are jungles found?
What animals can be found in the jungle?
Why are jungles important?
What plants can be found in the jungle?

This will help when it comes to writing your introduction and discussing what your reader will find out about.
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