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Good morning! This week we are going to be practising reading some sentences. Get your adult to write these sentences down and have a go at reading them. Sound out the words if you get stuck. Can you see any tricky words? Underline any tricky words that you find. Put sound buttons underneath if it helps you.

* 'Pat a dog.' 'A cat in a hat.'

** 'We are looking at books' 'My fish and chips are on a dish' 'They dig in the soil.'

*** 'The frog jumps in the pond and swims off' 'I kept bumping into things in the dark' 'A crab crept into a crack in the rock' 'I can hear twigs snapping in the wind.'

Upload any videos of you reading them to Tapestry, we love to see what you have been up to.

Love Mrs Finney, Miss Garwood, Mrs Dodds & Mrs Colthup.x


Good morning, here is you maths challenge for the week.

Ask an adult to write down odd and even numbers outside (chalk) or on paper inside the house and put them on the floor.
Can you jump on the odd numbers? Now can you jump on the even numbers? How fast can you do it? Can you beat your best score?

* Odds and evens to 10
** Odds and evens to 15
*** Odds and evens to 20

Don't forget to upload your work to Tapestry.

Love Mrs Finney, Miss Garwood, Mrs Dodds and Mrs Colthup.x


Good morning, here is your challenge on this sunny Monday morning.

When you go out on your daily walk/in your back garden can you have a look for different flora and fauna? Look at the attached picture, how many can you find?

You can record this as a tick sheet., you could draw the different things you find and label them or you could print off the sheet (if able) and mark off as you go. I wonder how many you will find?

Upload your work to Tapestry as we love to see what you have been up to.

Love Mrs Finney, Miss Garwood, Mrs Dodds and Mrs Colthrup.x


Good morning, here is your weekly phonics challenge.

Have a look at the pictures attached. Can you write the word to match the picture. Eg Look at the picture of the moon and write the word 'moon.' Use your sound mat to help you if you need it.
Once you are finished re-read your words back to yourself and check that they make sense.

For an extra challenge maybe you could write a short sentence including one of the words? Try to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Don't forget to upload your work to Tapestry, we love to see what you have been up to.

Love Mrs Finney, Miss Garwood, Mrs Dodds & Mrs Colthrup.x




Hello Foundation Stage!


This week you have been learning all about halving and sharing in Maths!


For today's challenge we would like you to explore halving using a piece of paper / newspaper page / magazine page and some scissors.


We would like you to share your piece of paper fairly between you and your adult. Take the piece of paper / a newspaper page / magazine page and fold it in half. Then take a pair of scissors and cut along the folded line.


How many pieces of paper did you have to being with? How many do you have now? What has happened now you have cut your piece of paper in half? Are you able to give one piece of your paper to your adult and keep one to yourself? Is this 'fair' sharing?


For an extension - how could you share your paper using folding and cutting if two of your cuddly toys also wanted some paper too? How are you going to cut the paper you have to share it 'fairly' with two of your cuddly toys as well as you and your adult? What will you do? How will you do it?


Good luck Foundation Stage!



Good Morning Foundation Stage!


For today's challenge we would like you to make your own Superhero costume using things from your home! Perhaps you could use a towel as a cape, or a bin bag? What materials could you use to make a mask or a crown?


Which Superhero will you be? How will you make your costume? What will you use? Who will you save once you have made it and are wearing it?


We would like you to have a chat about Superhero's you know in our community. How do they help us? What do they do to help us? Why is it so important to be helpful? What would happen without these Superhero's in our community?


Brook and I were having a chat this morning about his Nanny who is a nurse and what a fantastic Superhero she is. I can't wait to see your costumes and hear about your conversations.


Take Care Foundation Stage!




Good morning, here is your weekly phonics challenge.

This week we will be focusing on real and nonsense words. Can your child sound out these words and sort them into two piles 'real' or 'nonsense' words. Write these words on bits of paper and then ask your child to slowly sound them out and then blend them back together again. It might help them to draw sound button underneath the words.

* bin, cat, dog, red, bus, cag, ob, pim, liss, ket
** hop, cash, will, yell, join, cow, shup, zoob, vab, turg, yeek
***brown, belt, think, burnt, ramp, plood, grint, theest, dreet, bamp

Have fun,

Mrs Finney, Miss Garwood, Mrs Dodds and Mrs Colthrup.x



Hello Foundation Stage!


For this week's Maths challenge we would like you to have a think about the numbers you have been learning to write in Maths this week from you Home Learning Plan.


Choose your favourite number between 0 and 20 or even between 0 and 30 if you want to. During your daily exercise, take a trip to your local beach. Can you write your number in the sand or with stones?


Take a picture and upload it to Tapestry for us to see!


Have fun Foundation Stage!



Hello Foundation Stage!


We hope you are well! It is going to be nice and hot this week so we really hope you will be enjoying the sunshine during your daily exercise or whilst you are in your garden or your relatives and friends garden's. Perhaps you will be having an outdoor picnic at some point or a trip to the beach?


Whatever you will be doing to enjoy the sun, we would like you to have a discussion on how to keep safe during the sunshine and how to practise good self care when the weather is hot.


Watch the video below and join Jessie and Squeaks to find out about the importance of wearing sunscreen on a hot day: 


Have a look at the Sun Safety 5 S' tips below and read the other things you should be doing to stay safe in the sun. How will you make sure you stay safe in the sun this week? Where will you be going? What will you be doing? What do you need to remember to bring with you? Can you make a list of what you will need to pack in your bag or bring with you when you go outside in the sun? Can you take a picture of your list of objects you will need to stay safe in the sun and upload it to Tapestry?


Stay Safe and have fun Foundation Stage !


Sun Safety

So please, keep safe this Summer and follow the 6 S' of sun safety:

  • Sunscreen – slop on SPF 30+ broad-spectrum waterproof sunscreen every 2 hours
  • Sun hat – slap on a broad-brimmed hat that shades your face, neck and ears
  • Sunglasses – wear wrap-around sunglasses with UV protection to shield your eyes
  • Shoulders – slip on a T-shirt or UV protective suit for children and remember to keep your shoulders covered
  • Shade – seek shade, particularly during the hottest time of the day between 11am and 3pm when UV penetration is at its strongest 
  • Slurp – drink lots of water so that you stay hydrated during your time in the sun.



Good morning everyone, here is your weekly phonics challenge.

Have a look through a book/magazine/comic and see how many times you can see these tricky words:

*I, no, go, to the, into
** he, she, we me, be, you, are, her
*** said, have, like, so do, some, come, little, one
or for an extra challenge
****oh, mrs, people, their, called, looked,mr, asked, could

How many times can you spot each word? Highlight or colour in each tricky word that you find. Maybe you could practise writing your tricky words afterwards? Can you think of a sentence that would have that word in it eg 'She said it was sunny.'

Don't forget to upload your work to Tapestry, we all love to see what you are been up to.
We miss you all very much,

Love Mrs Finney, Miss Garwood, Mrs Dodds & Mrs Colthrup.x



Hello Foundation Stage!


This week we are looking at weight in Maths! When taking your daily exercise this week we would like you take a visit to your local beach. Can you bring some buckets with you?


Can you fill up your buckets with stones? Hold one bucket in one hand and one in the other. Can you feel which bucket is heavier? Which is the lightest? Can you make your lightest bucket heavier? Can you make your heaviest bucket lighter?


Can you try this again but using water from the sea instead of stones?


Have fun Foundation Stage!



Hello Foundation Stage!


For today's challenge we would like you to join Duggee this morning and learn how to make sure you are brushing your teeth absolutely fantastically! Watch the link below:


Have a practise at brushing your teeth independently together, make sure you remember to time it for two minutes!


Have a discussion together, why is it so important to brush your teeth? Do you go to the dentist? How often? Why is going to the dentist so important? What things should we be eating to take care of our teeth? What things shouldn't we eat too much of to take care of our teeth? What other things should we be doing everyday to look after our health?


Happy brushing Foundation Stage!


Good morning, here is your phonics challenge for this week.

Have a look with an adult at what food you have in your fridge and cupboards. Talk to your adult about what you would like to buy from the shops. Write a shopping list using your sound mat (in your pack) to help you. Sound out the words and write the ones that you can hear.

* Write 3 items eg eggs, nuts
***Write 5 items eg plum, milk, fish
***Write 7 items eg pumpkin, chicken, mushrooms

Don't forget to upload any photos/videos to Tapestry!

Mrs Finney, Miss Garwood, Mrs Dodds & Mrs Colthrup.x


For today's Maths challenge we would like you to write out the numbers 0-20 on some paper or card, cut them up and then ask your grown up to mix up your numbers - don't peek! Then, see how quickly you can put them in the correct order. You could ask your adult to time you and then see if you can get faster when you try again!

Good Luck!


8.6.2020 - 

For today's challenge we would like you to have a look at the video below on Road Safety: 

What does Kip the Bear say you have to do to keep yourselves safe when you are near a road? What do you need to remember when you are taking your daily exercise with your family or who you live with at home?

Have a discussion about what Kip the Bear tells you and put it into practise on your next daily exercise route! Why is it so important you remember what Kip the Bear says anytime you are near a road?

Stay Safe Foundation Stage!

5.6.2020 - 

For today's challenge, follow one of the links below to listen to the alphabet song. Can you use your sound mat to point to the sounds that match to each letter of the alphabet song? 

Do you remember the alphabet song and can you sing it aloud by yourself? Can you say each sound from your sound mat for each letter too?

Have fun Foundation Stage!


 Use chopped up pieces of paper/post its and write numbers 0-20 and stick them on your table/wall. Your grown up says one of the numbers and using your flay swat/wooden spoon you have to 'swat' the number as quickly as you can and also shout the number out loud! How quickly can you do this activity? Try not to swat the wrong number!

* Numbers 0-10
** Numbers 0-20
***Numbers 15-35 and beyond!

Once you have completed this activity you could then muddle the numbers up and try to put them in the correct order. Remember to take photos/videos and post them to Tapestry.

Happy swatting!

1.6.2020 - 

Do you know your fairy tales.  Look at the photographs on Tapestry.  Can you recognise which fairy tale the pictures are from?  

Can you find some fairy tales on your book shelf at home to share as part of your daily reading pledge?


Your phonics challenge this week focuses on tricky words.

You will need a piece of paper, a pencil and a dice. 🎲 Take a look at the image below.
When you roll your dice you have to write and say the matching tricky word. Choose your words from the list below:

* the, to, I, no, go, into
** he, she, you, they, was, are
*** said, have, like, come, so, there
Or for an extra challenge you could try these words:
**** Mrs, called, asked, mr, people, could

Have fun and don't forget to upload photos/videos of you playing the game to tapestry.


18.5.2020 - 

You challenge today is to make a card, write a note or do something to make someone special smile, you could choose someone who lives in your house or it could be to someone that you have not seen for a while. It's good to do nice things for other people and to give them a reason to smile 💗


Can you use a baking tray and put a thin layer of soil/sand/rice and practise writing your numbers with your finger?

Can you write up to:

* 10

** 20

**30 and beyond!

11.5.2020 - 

It's a rhyming challenge today!  Can you make your own rhyming rocket string?  

*Can you find and write 3 words that rhyme with 'pot'?

**Can you find and write 3 words that rhyme with 'boom'?

***Can you find and write 3 words that rhyme with 'dear'?

Write the word we have given you at the bottom of your rocket and add your rhyming words in the middle of the rocket.

Good luck and have fun making up rhyming words!

8.5.2020 - 

Today is a day for feeling good, for celebrating and for thinking of all those amazing people that gave their lives to help us.  Today is VE Day marking 75 years since the end of WW2.  If you are celebrating in your house or in your street today share your celebrations with us on Tapestry.  Can you make some decorations for your home or will you help your family cook a special meal?  Have a wonderful day everyone.

6.5.2020 -

For today's Maths challenge we would like you to play a game with a Maths focus.  It could be a game with numbers in, a dice or spinner, it could be a card game, or a shape game.  Play your game and see if you can tell us about all the Maths knowledge you had to use when playing.  We played Snakes & Ladders.  We had to count the dots on a dice to see what number of spaces we could move, we had to then count spaces to move our counter.  We recognised and said the number we landed on each time out loud.  Then we found out who came first, second and third (I came third in our game).


Not only will you practise lots of Maths skills playing your game, you will also have a great time.  Send us some pictures on Tapestry of the game you chose to play & most importantly have fun!

5/4/2019 - 

For today’s challenge, Brook and I have been looking at our home learning plan for this week! We have read the book by Jill Murphy – Whatever Next on the youtube link below: 


Brook and I also made up our own Space Story together, Brook flew to space and he met an alien called Max, he was green and hairy and he liked to eat Spider Sandwiches!


We wanted to make a Space Rocket, but all our recycling was collected this morning! We had a good think about how we could make a Space Rocket with other things in our home!


Can you build a Space Rocket like Brook’s too? Brook has been hiding out in there for a while now and has been speaking to his other astronaut friends through his play telephone.


Who will you speak to inside your Space Rocket? What will you see out of the window? Where will you travel to? What will you find when you get there? Who will you meet? How will you fly home?

1/5/2020 - 
Can you join Miss Garwood and Brook in reading Penny Dale’s, Ten In the Bed? Can you try and retell the story in you own version like Brook has? Can you use your toys / teddys to help you?


Do you have another story at home you like you can re-tell together?




Baking Challenge

Can you make some cakes/cookies.

* Can you count 10 decorations onto your cake?

** Can you make some cookie dough. Whose is longest/shortest? Can your order 3 lengths of dough from longest to shortest?

** Can you do some simple addition and take away? If you eat one, how many do you have left? If you eat two, how many are left? If we put 2 more on the plate how many do we have now?

27.4.2020 - 

Can you make a hand print plaque using our salt dough recipe?

Can you play hide & seek around your home?  Where is the best place to hide in your house?

24.4.2020 -

As we have been looking at 'homes' this week, listen to this story 'Whose House?'  You can pause the video to look for the objects in each house and see if you can guess who lives there.  Hope you enjoy the story.

22.4.2020 - 

Maths Challenge - Counting in 2's.

* Can you collect 5 pairs of socks & sort them into a line.  Count the socks in 2's.

**Can you collect 5 pairs of socks & sort them into a line, label the socks and then count in 2's to 20.

***Collect 10 pairs of socks, sort them into a line, label the socks.  Highlight the number as you count in 2's.  How high can you go?


Welcome to Term 5.  We hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday.

Our challenge today is a creative one!

Can you make a picture using objects from the garden, from your daily walk or your house to make a picture?  I made a snail out of shells that we collected on our daily walk, a house out of playing cards, a cat out of toys and a happy face out of K'nex (see photo ideas on Tapestry).  When you have made your picture make up a story about it and tell it to a family member.

Have fun being creative today :)


Good morning Busy Bees, Ladybirds and Butterflies.  This is your weekly phonics challenge:

Play a game of 'I spy'

* I spy with my little eye something beginning with j.

** I spy with my little eye something beginning with ch.

 or - I spy with my little eye something ending in ch.

*** I spy with my little eye something with ai in the middle. 

I have put a video with some ideas on tapestry.  Maybe you could do the same - or you could post a list of the things you found.  Have fun children.  


1.4.2020 -

Good morning FS, here is your weekly Math challenge.

Can you go on a shape hunt around your home/garden? Use your shape mat that is in your home learning pack to help you. Can you:

* Find 2D shapes (e.g a clock is a circle)

** Find 2D & 3D shapes

*** Find 2D & 3D shapes and then use a piece of paper to draw and label the shapes that you find.

Please upload any work to Tapestry. Happy hunting!



30.03.2020 - 

Can you make a mini spring garden using things you find in your garden or on your daily walk?  Miss Garwood has made her own spring garden to give you some ideas.  Pop onto Tapestry to see what she got up to!


27.03.2020 -

Join Mrs Colthup in a daily reading pledge. 

She is reading a Percy the Park Keeper book 'After the Storm'.  Listen carefully and see if you can answer her questions.  Enjoy.


25.03.2020 -

It is such a sunny day can you join Miss Garwood on a bug hunt?  Remember you have a checklist in your home learning pack to tick off the bugs you find.  Good luck and have fun!


23.03.2020 - 

Can you join your teachers in a PE lesson at 9am every day with the Body Coach?  We can't wait to see you being active.



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