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Term 5 - Week 3 - 4.5.2020

Dear Parents & Carers,


We hope you are all safe and well.  We have been so impressed with the home learning the children have been doing this week and are so proud of all of our classes.  The photographs and video messages we have received definitely brighten our day :)


We have attached next week’s home learning pack here and on Tapestry.  Our topic for next week is continuing 'Space’, we will be learning to take away by counting back in Maths, reading, spelling and writing words and captions in Literacy.  Handwriting this week is learning to write the letter 'p'.  Don't forget a daily reading pledge (sharing books or stories as a family) and if you can use the Oxford Owls or Collins Big Cat website (see links below) to encourage the children to read a book independently at their coloured level.  This will enable the children to continue to practise their individual reading skills. We also include weekly well being activities to complete together.


All activities this week can be completed using objects around the home environment or on pieces of paper.  Please continue to share your learning as you have done this week with us on Tapestry.  We hope you enjoy the activities and the children can complete some independently and become engaged in their learning.  Remember there is no pressure to complete them all, just enjoy playing, talking and learning together.  


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher by email.  Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Keep safe and well :)


From The Foundation Stage Team



Term 5 - Week 3 Home Learning Pack 4.5.2020

Handwriting Practise - We are learning to write 'p' this week.


Using the website 'Letter Join' your child can learn to write the letter 'p' with the correct formation.    It is very important that the children learn to write letters correctly.  This website includes instructions of how to write each letter the correct way and then gives lots of opportunities to practise.  Mrs Finney has also added a video on Tapestry demonstrating how to write the letter 'p'.

The link below gives instructions of how to log in to Letter Join if you haven't already.

Daily Reading

Oxford Owls

As well as reading books as a family for pleasure it is important that the children continue to practise their reading skills.  The Oxford Owl website has many books that the children can attempt to read independently, similar to the books they have been reading at school.  The link to this website is below.  Once on the website click the 'My class login' button.  There is then a username and password for each class to enter.  Once you are logged on you can choose different books to read together.  Enjoy.


Busy Bee Class:

Username:  Busy Bees 2020

Password:  1234


Ladybird Class:

Username:  Ladybirds 2020

Password: 1234


Butterflies Class:

Username:  Butterflies 2020

Password:  1234

Collins Big Cat Books

The Collins Big Cat website also provides e books to read at home.  They are colour banded.  Once logged on just select the colour your child is reading at school and there are lots of books to choose from.  They also provide activities to do after reading the book if you wish.


Select the link below, click on the Teacher log in and enter:


Password:  Parents20!

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