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Today we are going to be continuing our work on the suffix 'ed' using our story this week 'The Runaway Iceberg'. Watch the video underneath and have a go at completing today's challenge where you will be describing some of Rossi and Gaspar's adventures but this time using a word with the suffix -ed.

Suffix -ed

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You will use the same pictures as before but this time write a sentence/s using the -ed suffix.


Orange pencils - Pick a picture from the document below. Write a sentence to match. You could get an adult to scribe the sentence and you could write in the 'ed' word e.g. Rossi ________ off the iceberg.


Yellow pencils, Red pencils, Green pencils - Pick 2 pictures from the document below. Write a sentence to match the picture using an 'ed' word in each sentence. Some of the ed words you could use are: smashed, pushed, floated, shouted and turned.


Blue pencils - Pick 3 pictures from the document below. Write a sentence to match each picture using an 'ed' word in each sentence. Could you extend one of your sentences using a 'because' or an 'and'. 


Starter game below:

We are going to be carrying on our work on length and height but we are now moving away from comparing and starting to measure. Watch the video below where I model the different ways you can do today's activity.


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Maths 2

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Maths 3

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Today's challenge will be measuring items in your home using a non-standard unit of measure (use the video above for examples). I will upload the document you can print out (print out the one star activity sheet with the empty column for the objects). Alternatively, I will also put an image of the activity under here which you can copy into your book. We look forward to seeing all the different items you have measured. 


For an extra challenge you could measure the same item using a different non-standard unit of measure.


Watch how we form our first zigzag monster letter v. Watch the video, practice in the air and then practice in your book. 

handwriting Thur

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Today in school we will be exploring how chalk can be used in different ways - to create sharp lines and how it can be smudged.  We are aware that you may not have the resources to do the exact same piece of art work at home, so an alternative will be set in the challenge.

We will start the lesson by reading / listening to the story of the Polar bear and snow cloud.  You can watch it below.

The Polar Bear And The Snow Cloud Read Aloud Story

Challenge - to create a polar bear portrait.  We will be following the instructions in the website link below to create our own polar bear art work using chalk and charcoal.  If you are able to access any of these resources and would like to try and follow the instructions at home please do so.  If you do not have access to these resources you can complete your polar bear art work that has been set on Purple Mash.  You will still be able to explore sharp and blurred lines by adjusting the tools that you use to create your picture.

An example of some Year 1 children having followed the instructions to draw a polar bear portrait



Today we are learning the sound 'ea'. There is a pairs game for you to play so you can practise reading words that have the 'ea' sound in. 

I have added a reading comprehension as a bit more of a challenge for able readers. I will add one each day; these are three different levels of challenge for each comprehension so it is your choice as to which level your child does. 


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