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Today we are going to carry on learning about singular and plural words and how we can change a singular to a plural noun. 



Blue, Green & Red Pencil Group: Look at the picture of the old lady who swallowed all of the animals! 

Can you fill in the missing spaces with the plural words? 

Yellow & Orange Pencil Group: Look at the words in bold in the picture. Can you write the plural word in the space? If you are still practising your writing, your adult can write the singular and you can add the correct word ending to turn it into a plural. 


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Starter - Recap with children how to position and line up objects against a ruler when measuring. 

Rotate the ruler to show children that they may need to turn the ruler depending on if they are measuring length or height.

Please watch the video below and read the challenges underneath.

Length and height

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Challenges: Please note that you do not need to print off these sheets, the answers can be written in home learning books. 


Circles and triangles: Complete the sheet with one star on the top right corner (*)

Squares and rectangles: Complete the sheet with two stars on the top right corner (**)

Pentagons: Complete the sheet with three stars on the top right corner (***)


Today we are thinking about the 'aw' sound, the last sound of the week. You can find this sound in words like 'paw' and 'awesome'. You will need a dice for today's activity.


Warm Up:

You can choose which sounds you would like to practise. The sounds we have been learning for the last two weeks have been phase 5, but we have also learned all of phase 2 and 3 sounds which you can add as well!



Blue, Green & Red Pencil Group: 'aw' roll and read game

Yellow & Orange Pencil Group: 'or' roll and read game

SEN: 3 letter word roll and read game


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We are starting another big question in RE this term.  Discover what Abby Owl's big question is and the first step we are taking to answer it by watching the video below.

R.E. lesson 1.mp4

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Starry-eyed Stan.mp4

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This term we are following the BBC radio music programme.  You will need to follow the link below which will take you to the correct part of the BBC website.  Please work your way down the page, completing the following activities:

  • Listen to the song about Tiddalik the Frog
  • Listen to part 1 of the story about Tiddalik - can you then answer the given questions?
  • Learn verse 1 and the chorus of the song with Andy and Rebecca

EXT - you can have a try at the rhythm challenge but you will need someone at home to complete this listening and repeating activity with or

Listen to the didgeridoo being played


Some more fun handwriting activities for you to complete today.

Handwriting Thursday .mp4

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