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Today I would like to use your knowledge of letters that we have learned this week to write a letter to a friend or family member. 

Use the question prompts to help you think of ideas.

Blue, Green & Red pencil groups: Write two sentences and add one question. Please use the letter/postcard template from yesterday. 

Yellow & Orange pencil groups: Finish the sentences. Please use the letter/postcard template below. 


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In today's phonics lesson we are recapping our tricky words and learing split digraphs e_e and u_e. 


Activity: Split digraph bingo

Blue, green and red pencils: Download word boards, word lotto and coloured counters. 

Yellow and orange pencils: Dowload word and picture boards, word and picture lotto and coloured counters. 


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As a starter we have a problem to consider:

If a strawberry weighs 3 cubes and a cherry weighs less, what could the cherry weigh?

Challenge – What other items would weigh less than a strawberry? By how many cubes do you think?

Today's lesson we are going to continue working on comparing mass and weight. Watch today's learning video to find out more. 

Thursday maths

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Today's activity is a game! I will add it underneath if you would like to print it. Or copy the items onto pieces of paper and draw one large set of scales into your book.



Cut out the objects and place them out in front of you.

In pairs pick an object each.

Compare the objects and place them in the scales. Ask which is the heaviest? Which is the lightest? How do you know? Repeat with other items.


If you want to make this activity more challenging or slightly simpler just change the numbers on the object cards or pick 2 objects each.



This term we are following the BBC radio music programme.  Today we are continuing with the story of Tiddalik the frog. Below you will find a link that takes you to Part 2.



We continue to try and find an answer to Abby Owl's big question - was it always easy for Jesus to be a good friend?  Today we will listen to a story from the Bible which tells about a time Jesus showed kindness and friendship to someone that may not have been easy to show it too.

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God's Story: Zacchaeus

Zacchaeus was a tax collector who had no friends because he took people's money to make himself rich. Jesus showed him love, and it changed his life. When Zacchaeus realized that Jesus loved him even though he had messed up, he wanted to show that kind of love to others.


What letters will you need to join today to spell the words?  Can you get them to sit on the line? 

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