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Timetable today: Computing, Jigsaw Jack, P.E., Science and Guided Reading



You will need to log into your Purple Mash account or if you have access to a word processing programm this will work too.

On Purple Mash you will need to follow the instructions below to find the programm 2Write:

  • on the home page click on the icon for tools
  • in the English menu find the icon for 2Write
  • click on launch app
  • create a new document with your name as the title
  • it might ask you to save this work, again save as your name
  • it should then open up a new word pad

Challenge - either on 2Write or a word processing programm you need to type out 3 sentences as we are learning to find where the keys are on the keyboard.

My name is ....

I am ... years old

I like to play...

This might take you a little while if you are not used to typing on the computer, but see how much you can get done and save what you achieve.  You can always open it up again and add to it later.

Jigsaw Jack

As normal with our Jigsaw Jack learning, start your session with some mindfullness.  This can be as simple as sitting quietly in a room and focusing on your breathing - slow it down, fill your lungs and stretch up tall, feel your tummy sink as you exhale slowly.  If you have some nice relaxing music you could put this on and imagine yourself in your safe happy place.

At school we have been learning about achievements and trying new things.  We have thought about the steps that are needed to learn something new, that some people learn better through listening, others through watching.  Today you need to ask your adult to tell you something they think you are good at.  When they tell you this think about how you felt.  

Challenge - look at the attached sheet.  If you can print it and complete please do so, if not you can do the work in your purple book.  Draw yourself a reward token (can be as simple as a circle) and ask your adult to write inside the achievement they told you.  In the reflection puzzle piece either write or draw a picture of how you felt when they told you what you were good at.


It would have been P.E. with Mr Sargeant. Your challenge today is to come up with a mini workout that you can do every day whilst you are at home, so that you are keeping active.  Think of 5 exercises that you will repeat 2 - 3 times.  Can you write your list in your purple book or you could add some photos to Tapestry so that we can see what fitness you have been doing - we may even try to join in!

Examples could be: 10 star jumps, 5 sit-ups, 3 press ups, run on the spot for 20 seconds, 10 touch your toes and jump up high - repeat 2 times.


Watch the video below for the first part of this week's science learning.  We are thinking about how rain is formed and will be carrying out an investigation to show how it happens.  In today's video we will show you what you need to set up the experiment.


Setting up rain cloud experiment

Still image for this video

Challenge: make a prediction. In your purple book can you predict (make a guess) about what you think is going to happen.

Then can you draw a diagram to show what the experiement looks like at the moment?  Can you label the different parts of your diagram?  The shaving foam cloud, the water, the jar.

Guided Reading

Log into Oxford Owl and find the book we started yesterday - Tom, Dad and Colin.  Can you remember what had happened so far - can you sequence the story?  Read or listen to the rest of the story and then see if you can answer the questions below.  Either write your answers in your purple book or tell them to an adult.

What sound does Colin make when he walks?

Where did the man sit?

What is the weather like?

Why are the children looking at them?

Why do Dad and Tom feel foolish?

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