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Ask the children to show times to the hour and half and hour on their clocks.

Children should be reminded that the hour hand must go half way between the hours for half past.


Please watch the video below and complete the challenges set.

Time Thursday.mp4

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Please read the first page of the challenge document to find out what each group is doing for this activity.

Circles/triangles - *

Squares/rectangles - **

Pentagons - ***


To get your fingers warmed up today you will be challenging someone at home to a game of thumb war!  You will also need a piece of scrap paper and some colours.  Then learn how to write and spell some of our days of the week using the capital letters we have been practising earlier in the week.

Handwriting Thursday Wk6.mp4

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Today we are going to continue writing our own version of 'Owl Babies'. We are going to think about the 'resolution' today.


Blue & Green Pencils: Write two sentences for your resolution. Use 'and' and adjectives to add detail to your story. 

Think Pink!: Use 'because' or 'so' to extend your sentence


Red & Yellow Pencils: Write two sentences for your resolution. 

Challenge: Use 'and' or adjectives to add detail. 


Orange Pencils: Look at the sentence building activity. Fill in the missing spaces to complete the sentences.


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We are investigating different ways of spelling the /ie/ sound.

Phonics 11th Feb.mp4

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Jigsaw Jack - PSHE

This is our last Jigsaw Jack lesson this term and we will be thinking about how we keep our bodies clean and healthy.

keeping clean and healthy.mp4

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personal hygiene.mp4

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Activity 1 - COVID-19 Germs Experiment for Kids!

As schools are closing and some parents are working from home more than they regularly do, you may find your family spending more time together than before. ...


For your art lesson today we would like you to design and make your own animal mask.  You might like to use an old cereal box to cut out your mask shape or if you have a paper plate you could use that would be great too.  You can create an animal mask for any animal that we may have visited on our trip around the world or your favourite animal.  We would normally make these masks in school for part of our topic day, which unfortunately we cannot do this term, but if you do manage to make a mask we would love to see you wearing them on Tapestry or when you attend one of our zoom calls.

Possible paper plate mask ideas

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