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Alternative ways of spelling the /oo/ phoneme.

25 Feb Phonics.mp4

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Reading comprehension


Today we are thinking about tribal masks. Watch the video and see what you think about the masks that these people are wearing. Can you think of any words to describe these? 

Watch the video and follow the instructions. You will need two pieces of paper that are different colours, scissors, glue and a pencil. We can't wait to see them!


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​​​​​​Today we are going to be learning more about Africa by exploring different African landmarks. We will be watching the input video below twice where I will be explaining what you need to do. Listen really carefully as at the end you are going to be asked to pick the landmark/landmarks you find the most interesting!

Thursday intro

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Thursday landmarks input

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Thursday activity explanation

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Today your challenge will be to rewatch the video and find your favourite landmark/landmarks. You are then going to create some jottings (short notes) ready for your writing tomorrow. You may choose to write these on a separate piece of paper, post it notes etc. You then need to write your subheading ready for tomorrow - African landmarks.


EXT - As an extension you could create or draw one of the landmarks you have chosen. You could use lego, construction, paint, Purplemash or any other creative way!


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We are still thinking about partitioning 2-digit numbers into how many tens and how many ones and using Base 10 to represent these 2-digit numbers.

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