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Thursday 27th May

HI Year 1,

It was lovely to see some of you on the zoom calls yesterday and as always thank you for the lovely home learning that you are sending us to look at.


Today would have been PPA day, so you would have had music, computing and PE with Mr Sargeant.  We have combined your music and computing into 1 lesson as you had been exploring different programmes on Purple Mash - so today you will use a music programme to compose your own rhythm - a bit like the improvisation that you would have been doing in music.


Your lesson choices for today are: Literacy - still linked to Zog, dragon school timetables and days of the week, Maths - revision about measuring mass, Phonics - recapping the consonsant digraphs again and then Computing on Purple Mash.


Today we are thinking about conjunctions - using words to extend and connect sentences together. 


Still image for this video

Orange Pencil Scavenger Hunt


Watch the video to find out what Kit and Sam get up to with Ned the Ted today.  You will need pen and paper again as there are words and captions you need to write during the video.  We are continuing to recap the consonant digraphs /sh/ /ch/ /th/ and /ng/.

Thursday phonics.mp4

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Blue pencils - finish labelling the picture using the digraph clues to help you.  If you can't print the picture out just write the words into your home learning book or paper.  Can you then write some sentences about what you can do at the park using the words that you have just labelled?  Remember your sentence rules.  Can you write 5 sentences or 3 sentences using either /and/ or /or/ or /but/ or /because/ to make them longer and more exciting.


Red and Green pencils - can you add sound buttons to help you read the questions?  If you can't print them out you can copy them into your home learning books.  Then answer the question with yes or no.


Orange and Yellow pencils - look at the pictures of items found in the playpark.  If you can print them out sitck them into your book and then write a label using your consonant digraphs.  If you can't print them out you could draw them and label them in your book or just write the words into your book.


Spr1.10.3 - Measure mass

This is "Spr1.10.3 - Measure mass" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Challenge 1

Watch the video and complete the questions below. Please just write the answers into your purple books or on paper if you cannot out the sheet. There is a 'heavy or light' cut and stick activity to complete if you wish to do so too.

Challenge 2

For a reasoning and problem solving task open the word document below. Read the problems and explain your answers. 

Challenge 3

Click the link for some interactive games on Weight and Mass:

Play: Happy Camel

For an extra challenge play: Reading scales Mass and Mostly Postie


Today in computing we are going to be using the purple mash program. I have set a '2Do' for you to complete based on 'The Gruffalo'. Watch the video below which guides you step by step what to do.


Purple Mash 2Do

Still image for this video


Today in music we are thinking about improvisation and using a range of different sounds to create a rhythm. On Purple Mash there is a 2Do called '2Explore' where you can create your own musical sequence using the instruments available. You will need to press the record button and then you can play back your creation!

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