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It has been really great seeing the home learning that you are completing and uploading onto Tapestry, thank you!


Today you can choose which order you do the lessons in - there is Literacy, Maths, Handwriting, Phonics and R.E.


What will you do first?  Have fun and stay safe


This is our final lesson before writing our own version of the poem - 10 things found in a wizards pocket.

Watch the video below which will explain how we are going to use our FANTASTICs to make our ideas even more exciting.

Thursday literacy.mp4

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Writing challenge - use the items from your ideas on Monday


Today is the last day we are going to be learning about 3D shapes. Have a go at the 3D shape quiz in the video and then complete the sheet below. You can use the 3D objects you used for yesterday's lesson if your child would benefit from a visual support. 

As a challenge today I have added two different problem solving & reasoning tasks. Have a go, either independently or with an adult's support and see how you get on! Have fun!

Maths 3/12/20

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Please watch the video below for your RE lesson.


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Writing your gift tag:

Orange pencils - You can tell your sentence to an adult and they can scribe.

Yellow and Red pencils - An adult can scribe the sentence opener: This gift is special to me because... and you can finish off the sentence independently.

Green and Blue pencils - You can write the sentence independently.

Challenge: Add another sentence writing how you felt when you received the gift.


Today we look at learning some final consonant blends, so at the end of words.

Thursday phonics.mp4

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Challenge: look at the pictures in the attached sheet.  Can you write a label for each of them?


Orange and Yellow pencils - sound talk and write a label for as many words as you can

Red and Green pencils - sound talk and write a label for each picture and add your sound buttons

Blue pencils - sound talk and write a label for each picture, add your sound buttons and highlight the consonant blend at the end.


Extra challenge - can you think of a sentence to say that has at least 2 of the words in.


How will you be warming up your fingers today and which one armed robot letter will you be practising?  As an extra challenge if you are able to, you could fill a shallow tray with some sugar, flour or glitter and practise writing your one armed robot letters in that.

Handwriting n for Thursday.mp4

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