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Can you believe that it is Thursday already!!  Your selection of home learning for today includes: Literacy, maths, handwriting, phonics and R.E..  Don't forget you can always choose to do some reading, spelling shed or maths work on the additional websites you have login details for.


Today we will continuing to learn about place value and working out how many tens and ones there are in numbers between 11 and 20. 


Below is the link to the website that is shown in the video. It's a good way for the children to investigate tens and ones and develop their understanding. You can also use it as a challenge, where you create the tens and ones and the children guess the number. This week we are only thinking about numbers between 10-20, but please feel free to give your child a challenge if you would like. 


Challenge: Read the clues and work out the missing numbers. There are two different types of clues that you will have in your work. One where your child needs to work out the number that is described and the other where you child will need to work out how many tens and ones are in that number. 

Have fun! 

Maths 10.12

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In Literacy today we are going to be learning about Christmas around the world.  There are 2 videos to watch and additional fact cards if you need them to look at.  

Thursday literacy.mp4

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Christmas around the world facts

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Today we are revising some more of our Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs

thurs warm up.mp4

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Thursday phonics.mp4

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Phonics challenge

Phonics challenge - please note that on the picture of the challenge 2 of the words are different to that shown on the video.  After a long debate it was decided that 'tool' and 'pool' weren't clearly the short oo phoneme or the long 'oo' phoneme, so they were swapped! wink


Please watch the video below:


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All children can draw, label and colour in a picture of the gift they would give to baby Jesus. 

For the sentence writing:

Orange and yellow pencils can tell their adults their sentence and they adult can scribe.

Red and green pencils can complete the sentence given on the gift tag.

Blue pencils can write a sentence explaining what their gift it first and then complete the last sentence.

Challenge-design a 'new baby' card announcing the arrival of baby Jesus.


Which long ladder letter will you be practising today?  Watch the video, practice in the air and then practice in your book.  Remember to tick the one you think is the best.

Handwriting i for Thursday.mp4

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