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Today is our Pirate Topic day, so if you would like to dress up at home as a pirate please do so.


We are going to be earning our Purple Challenge stick today by completing a construction challenge.  Work your way through the challenges.


1)  Can you think of different ways that you can travel on water?  Have you ever been on any of them?

2) Look at the planning sheet and the success criteria.  Can you design a raft to help Pirate Pete that meets all the success criteria?

3) Can you collect any resources from around your house or maybe some sticks from outside that you can use to make your raft?  Try to follow your plan and build your raft.


4) Make a flag that is the correct size for your mast.  You need to measure your flag against your mast so that it is not too big or too small.  Take a photo of your completed raft if you can.


5) Test your raft out - does it float and how long for?


6) Evaluate your raft.  Look at the evaluation sheet and think about if your design met the success criteria.  Would you change anything?

We hope you have fun being a pirate and helping to rescue Pirate Pete.  Please send us pictures of your fantastic work.
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