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03.03.21 - Topic (Geography)

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Today we are going to be looking at climates and how a temperate climate is ideal for growing food. In particular we are going to look at wheat growing on a farm in Kansas (which has a temperate climate). Throughout the slides we will look at the northern and southern hemispheres, what a temperate climate is and the process of farming wheat. Your activity today is based around the farming process in Kansas to create flour from wheat. I will go through each literacy sets task and have posted the sheets below if you wish to look at them on your own screens or print. Miss. Hopkinson's literacy set will be ordering the process, using the text to help. Mr. Stanbra and Ms. Tan's set will be using their guided reading skills to answer the questions about the wheat farming process in Kansas, using the text to help. Mr. Walsh's literacy set will be answering questions and creating their own questions, using the text to help and the time zone map. All the sheets/information you need is bundled in the document for each literacy set but I will go through them on the slides too.
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