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Tuesday 9th February- Viking Longhouses

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Today's video is a longer one than usual but it is split into 2 tasks! You might like to print or draw yourself a copy of the mindmap that is uploaded under this video to use during the video to make notes. There are also links under this video you might like to watch for some extra information and facts :)

Find your Literacy group mind map for task 1. For the second task, if you are drawing the Longhouse and need some support, there is a longhouse on the ppt labelled for you to use. There is also a word bank I have made for anyone who needs support with spelling the key topic words :)

Safer Internet Day - FAMILY QUIZ!

Today is Safer Internet Day! We have been looking at internet safety over the last few weeks in ICT and this is a fun quiz for all of the family together :) Grab a hot chocolate and enjoy! Have fun!

Topic Tuesday 2nd February - Settlements

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Mindfulness Matters! 

Take some time out to feel calmer and happier by trying muscle relaxation, listening, breathing exercises and more. These mindfulness activities are a great way to help you relax :)

Topic Tuesday 26th January - Viking warriors

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Watch the video explaining about Viking warriors and the task that we would like you to do today! Below are some links to the BBC clips mentioned in the video as well as a website where you can explore Viking warriors independently. You might like to use these when completing the task today! There are also some extra documents if you wanted to print any off to help and support you this afternoon :)

Mindfulness matters! 

Topic Tuesday - 19th January - Viking Longships!

Topic Tuesday - Viking longships!


I apologise but the video about Viking longships used in the lesson below didn't screen share correctly and you can only here the sound. If you would like to see what Orm is talking about instead of just listening to his voice, click here - Viking longships - KS2 History - BBC Bitesize smiley


Task 1: Complete the Viking Longship comprehension or labelling activity using the information sheet


Task 2: Make a Viking Longship! Your challenge is to make a Longship – this could be from junk modelling (cereal packets, plastic containers etc), or you can cut out the Longship plan in this pack. If you use the template in this pack – cut it all out first, then fold along the dotted lines as it says on the instructions, then glue or stick the parts in number order (glue ‘tab’ 1, then 2, 3 etc). Does your Longship float? You could carry out an experiment like we did in Science last term. How many Lego bricks or paper clips or pencils does it hold before it sinks? Maybe you could decorate the ship like one of the images below. Good luck!

Topic Tuesday 19th January - Viking longships

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19.01.2021 - Wellbeing Matters :)

Topic Tuesday 12th January - When did the Vikings arrive in Britain and where did they come from?

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Mindfulness Matters! (12.01.2021)
You could bring these to colour, you could take a screen-shot and edit the photo on a phone, tablet or computer...or you could create yourself!  You are all superheroes for the way you are dealing so incredibly well with the the current situation.  You are showing resilience, determination and fantastic attitudes.  Year 5 are proud of you all, so take some time out of your day and enjoy switching those busy brains off with some mindfulness colouring 

Year 5  Team : )


Topic - Viking introduction and front cover

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Who were the Vikings? - mind map

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