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Today we are continuing our work about compound words. You did such a great job at finding the compound words in the picture, we were all so impressed! 


Today's activity is to use the pictures to build compound words, with an added challenge to write the compound words you create. 


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Starter - Ruler

Show children how to line objects up against a ruler. Highlight the importance of lining the object up to the 0cm line.

Please watch the video below for a more practical lesson on using a ruler to measure different objects. 

Length and Height

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Challenges: Please note that you do not need to print off these sheets, the answers can be written in home learning books. If you do not have a ruler or tape measure to use, you can make a ruler. The cm markings do not have to be exact, just a rough estimate.


Circles and triangles: Complete the sheet with one star on the top right corner (*)

Squares and rectangles: Complete the sheet with on page 3

Pentagons: Complete the sheet with three stars on the top right corner (***)

Extra challenge for all groups


Today we are learning the 'oy' sound, heard in words like 'boy' and 'toy'.



Someone will read an 'oy' word fly - your child will need to swat the fly words with their swatter before their partner does. If they manage to swat it, they get to keep the fly. If you don't have a printer, you can write the words and make a pretend splatter using a cardboard box. 


Blue, Green & Red Pencil Group: Practise today's 'oy' sound.

Yellow & Orange Pencil Group: Practise the 'oi' sound.

SEN: Practise reading 2 letter words.


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We are going to be starting a new topic in science looking at and grouping animals.  Today is our first lesson where we will begin to know some of the animal classification group names.

Science observing animals.mp4

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Animal classification chart to help if needed


Continuing with our zigzag monster letters.  Watch the video to see how we should form the letter 'z' correctly.  Don't forget you can always go on Letterjoin to practise your letter formation.

Tuesday z.mp4

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You can either find your own yoga or mindfulness activity to complete or join in the attached cosmic kids winter themed yoga story.

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