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Today we are carrying on thinking about Sunny the Meerkat from our story this week. He is coming on a trip to Herne Bay! We are going to think about different places in Herne Bay that we can take Sunny (we are going to pretend that it isn't a lockdown for this!)


Blue, Green & Red pencil group: Write sentences about the different places you will take Sunny. 

Challenge: Use 'and' to extend your sentences and tell us what you will do there. 


Yellow & Orange pencil group: Draw pictures of the places you will take Sunny and label them.

Challenge: Write in sentences where you will take Sunny. 


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Today in phonics we are learning the split digraph o_e. 


Activity: To read real and nonsense words using sound buttons. 

Blue, Green and Red pencils: Phase 5 real/nonsense words - add sound buttons 

Yellow and Orange pencils: Phase 3 real/nonsense words - add sound buttons 


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To begin, here is a quick starter game where you can identify the heavier and lighter object.

Now watch the video below where I demonstrate how to complete today's maths challenge!

Tuesday maths

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Video 2

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Like yesterday's activity I am going to give a few options for the challenge today depending on resources available.


Practical activity - if you have scales

Have an item and lots of cubes (or a selection of objects all the same size to be your non-standard measure). Can you use the scales to find out how many cubes the object weighs?


Circles, triangles and squares – activity table 1 star

Rectangles and pentagons – activity table 2 star


Activity if scales are not available

Balance the scales using the number frames (number frame balance sheet)



In P.E. today we will be doing some yoga and using some yoga poses to represent different animals and people you might find in the arctic.  You will need to look at the different poses on the help cards - can you practise holding each pose for at least 2 breaths in and out?

Your adult will need to read out the attached story and at different parts in the story you will need to make one of the poses on the cards.

We hope you have fun completing this and would love to see some pictures of you in the different yoga positions.


Today we are still working on joining our letters up, when we join our handwriting it makes it easier for us to write quicker as the letters flow together.  It is still important to remember to start each letter in the right place, keep our letters sitting on the line and to make sure your ascenders and descenders (ladders and tails) are visible too.

Handwriting Tuesday Wk3.mp4

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Last week we started our new science topic about animals including humans.  We learnt that there are different groups that animals can be sorted, classified, into.  Today we will explore these groups more.


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