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Ask the children to identify units that time can be measured in (hours, minutes, seconds). Children may also identify time can be measured in years, weeks, days too.

Ask the children what could be used to measure minutes and seconds. Show the children a stop watch and discuss how to use it.


Please watch the video below and complete the challenges set.

Time Tuesday.mp4

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Circles and triangles: Complete the sheet with *

Squares and rectangles: Complete the sheet with ** 

Pentagons: Complete the sheet with *** 


We are continuing to write our capital letters, thinking about where to start them and how they sit on the line.  You will need some plain paper and scissors to get your fingers warmed up today.

Handwriting Tuesday Wk6.mp4

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Today we are going to start writing our own version of 'Owl Babies'. We are going to use the 'opening' and 'build up' of our story mountain to start writing our story. 


Blue & Green Pencils: Write three or more sentences for your opening and build up. Use 'and' and adjectives to add detail to your story. 

Think Pink!: Use 'because' or 'so' to extend your sentence


Red & Yellow Pencils: Write three sentences for your opening and build up. 

Challenge: Use 'and' or adjectives to add detail. 


Orange Pencils: Look at the sentence building activity. Fill in the missing spaces to complete the sentences. 


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Today we are continuing to revisit the alternative ways of spelling the /ie/ sound. 

Phonics 9th Feb

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Reading comprehension


Yoga In The Jungle



Today with Abby Owl you will be thinking about how easy it is for you to show friendship and reflecting on the learning that you have done this term.

R.E. lesson 3.mp4

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