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Good afternoon Year 5!

Your Topic lesson this afternoon is continuing on from last week where you were researching and making notes about a Viking settlement. You should've made lots of fascinating notes for your introduction, longhouses, jobs and clothing. There is a template for a leaflet uploaded underneath the video if you would like to use it, but you can also create your own if you would like to. Your leaflet needs to include a title, a brief introduction to who the Vikings were, three subheadings (Viking Longhouses, Viking Clothing and Viking Jobs) and some pictures or diagrams (these can be hand drawn). Remember to check your spelling and punctuation! 

We can't wait to see your finished leaflets, remember to upload them onto Dojo so that we can see! smiley 

Topic - Viking Settlements leaflet

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Good afternoon Year 5!

Your Topic lesson today is going to prepare you for next week where you are going to be making an information leaflet all about everyday life in a Viking settlement. In today's lesson, you will be researching some interesting facts about Viking longhouses, the clothes that they wore and the jobs that they did. Your planning sheets have been uploaded underneath the video so make sure that you read through the PowerPoint and write down plenty of detailed and fascinating facts so that you can use this next week when it comes to creating your leaflet. If you would like to use some of the facts in the video/PowerPoint and then go on to do some of your own research, please feel free to do so. We would love to hear about any extra and interesting facts that you may be able to find out about.

Happy researching! smiley

Tuesday Topic - Researching Viking Life part 1

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As I included some videos in this lesson the file was too large to upload in one go so I've had to upload it in two parts instead. Here are the links for the videos included: and

Tuesday Topic - Researching Viking Life part 2

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