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A huge well done for all the amzing home learning that was sent to us via Tapestry yesterday.  We look forward to seeing some more amazing work today.


Lessons for today are: maths, literacy, handwriting, phonics and P.E..  Don't forget these can be done in any order.  Work can be completed in your purple home learning books and/or uploaded onto Tapestry.  If you need any help please contact your class teacher or Mrs Burkitt.


Not every piece of work has different challenges for each group, but where it has been provided please encourage your child to complete their group activity.  If they would like to attempt another groups challenge too that is brilliant!


Thank you for your continued support.


Today we will be carrying on our learning about 3D shapes. You will need to collect some junk modelling resources from around the house to help you with today's challenge. 


Challenge: Use junk modelling (such as empty egg boxes, kitchen roll tubes, cereal boxes etc) to create anything you like. It can be a bridge, an animal or even a castle! See if you can tell your adult at home the different shapes you have used in your creation. An extra challenge could be to write name labels for the different shapes and stick them on the different materials you have used. 

Have fun and good luck!


I have attached a 3D shape bingo game if you would like to have a go at this as well :)

1st December 2020

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This term’s PE has been based on tag rugby and developing the skills of dodging, throwing and catching. It is tricky to try and replicate a tag rugby lesson exactly how we would do it in school but I have tried to devise a general outline of a lesson and a video to show the different skills you could practice. The activities are easily adaptable for inside or outside. I really hope the children have fun.

Warm up

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Main Lesson - see video below for examples of each activity 

Dodging – The first skill to practice is dodging. Put two teddies or objects about 2-3m apart. Practice side stepping from one object to another. How many can you do in a minute?


Dodging 2 – Next place a selection of small objects on the floor (teddies, toys etc). Next work on sidestepping around the toys. Begin slowly, it is not a race, your aim is to see if you can do it without touching the objects. To extend this activity you could try and get quicker or add a few more objects.


Catching – Next get an object for catching, if you are inside you could use a soft ball or a soft teddy to practice this skill. Work on throwing and catching the ball up in the air. Remember to catch with your fingers spread out. To extend this skill you could start to throw your ball/teddy higher and try and clap in-between. If you are dropping your teddy/ball it could be that you are throwing too high.


Catching 2 – Carefully move around the objects that you used for dodging whilst throwing and catching the ball. It is tricky to look where you are going as well as throwing/catching so start by moving slowly. This is an excellent skill for tag rugby.


Catching 3 – If you have someone else around to play then you could practice throwing your ball to each other. Remember you need to stand side to side and move the ball by rocking it like a rocket (just like we have worked on in PE this term).


Throwing – Finally we are going to try and recreate an activity we have done at school. Inside or outside, you could put some tape on the floor, use hoops, draw markers with chalk, anything that gives you something to aim for. You then need to stand sideways and carefully throw the ball to land on the tape/ in the hoop that you created. Remember, just like at school, you really need to think about where you are aiming for your ball to go. You could extend this activity with another hoop/line further away which is worth more points.

A few examples of the different activities- I am sure the children will do better than me!

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Video 2

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Cool Down

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We are still thinking about the items found in a wizards pocket and today we are focusing on how many of each object there is inside the pocket: 1 (singular) or more (plural).  Watch the video below that explains some of the rules that we need to remember when changing singular words into plurals.

Tuesday literacy.mp4

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Literacy challenge

Split a page of your book down the middle.  On one side write the singular word to match one of the pictures above.  On the other side write down the plural word, include how many you would have.


E.g.  1 cauldron                                     5 cauldrons


         1 spider                                         60 spiders


We are still thinking about initial consonant blends.  These are sometimes called CCVC words (consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant).  Warm your brains up by saying the flash card phonemes (sounds) and then the tricky words.

Tuesday phonics.mp4

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Challenge - copy the words on the sheet below into your purple book.  Make sure you do it one at a time.  Add sound buttons to help you read the word.  Read the word and then draw a picture to match. 


Orange and Yellow pencils - add the sound buttons and with adult support if needed, read the word and draw a picture to match.

Red and Green pencils - once you have drawn a picture, underline the 2 graphemes (letters) that make up the initial blend

Blue pencils - once you have drawn your pictures, can you write your word in a sentence remembering your sentence rules? Choose 3 of the pictures to write about.


We will be learning another one armed robot letter today.  Remember that these letters all start in the same way, leading in from the line, going straight up the robots body, straight back down again and then up and over the robots arm.

Today we are going to practice the one armed robot letter 'p'.

Handwriting warm up

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Handwriting letter p

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Challenge - can you practice writing p in your book.  Put a tick above the one you think is the best.  Can you join any of them together and still get them to sit on the line correctly?

Maybe you can use a piece of string / wool / a shoe lace: can you bend it to make it look like the letter shape?

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