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Today you have lessons for: Literacy, Maths, Phonics, Handwriting and P.E.


There were some amazing Christmas jumpers desgined on Purple Mash - we have some budding fashion designers in our year group!


We look forward to seeing the fantastic work you produce today.


Well done for your amazing work yesterday! We have all loved seeing your maths work on Tapestry. Today we are focusing on numbers 11-20 and counting on from 10.

If your child is in Circle or Triangle maths group, you can either print the number cards from Monday's lesson or make your own. Your child will need to choose a number card and collect that many objects, counting them carefully. If possible, we would like them to recognise the numbers independently. 

If your child is in Square, Rectangle or Pentagon maths group, there are some pictures below that represent numbers between 11-20. They will need to practise counting on from 10 to work out how many objects are in the picture and write the number next to it. There is also a problem solving task that I would like them to have a try at when they are finished. 

Have fun!

Maths 8.12.20

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This term’s PE has been based on tag rugby and developing the skills of dodging, throwing and catching. I was blown away with how well you all did in the last virtual PE lesson. You are all superstars. Today’s lesson we are going to work on developing some of the skills we worked on in lesson 1.

Warm up

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Main Lesson - see video below for examples of each activity 

Dodging/ Sidestepping – place 4 objects in a line a similar distance apart. Start at the furthest object and stand sideways. Sidestep to one and then the next and then next all the way to the fourth object and then repeat going back down the objects. How many times can you get back and forth in a minute?


Passing along the line – keep the 4 objects in the line and have a family member standing at each point. Obviously depending how many family members/siblings you can rope in but even if there is just 2 of you that will still work. Practice passing sideways by starting with the person at object 1. Pass the ball/soft toy sideways to the second person. If you only have two people the first person can now run to the third object ready to catch and repeat. Keep passing the ball up and down the line.


Throwing – Move the four objects and get 2 baskets/objects to aim for.  Begin by standing in the middle of the baskets and face one of them. Practice throwing the ball into the basket. Collect the ball and go back to the centre, turn or pivot round to face the other basket and throw. Repeat. To challenge yourself you could even have 4 places to aim for.


Introducing tags – Get a clean tea towel, long sock or piece of fabric and tuck in the side of your trousers/skirt. Face a partner with a gap between you. Say ready, steady, go. The aim is the person with the tag is to dodge past the partner and place their ball/teddy in the basket. The partner has to try and get the tag. 


PE video 1

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Cool down

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In today's lesson we think about how to make a word bank that we can use to help us write an acrostic poem.  Watch the video and then complete the challenge for your pencil group.

Tuesday Literacy.mp4

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Remember: Red and Green pencils, you only need to make 1 box for the letter 'a' but you might need to think of a few more themed words to put in this box as your word has the letter in twice.


Today we are looking at 3 more Phase 3 sounds that we need to practice.  Watch the warm up video to play full circle and then the teaching video.

full circle.mp4

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Tuesday phonics.mp4

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Continuing with our long ladder letters, here is your next letter formation.

Handwriting y for Tuesday.mp4

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