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Good morning Year 1!


Lessons for today are: maths, literacy, phonics and science.  Don't forget these can be done in any order.  Work can be completed in your purple home learning books and/or uploaded onto Tapestry.  If you need any help please contact your class teacher or Mrs Burkitt.


Not every piece of work has different challenges for each group, but where it has been provided please encourage your child to complete their group activity.  If they would like to attempt another groups challenge too that is brilliant!


Thank you for your continued support.


To begin maths today we have a fun length and height song. Join in and dance along as you remember some of the special maths vocabulary we worked on yesterday!


Starter video

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Below is today's learning video where we will be begin to compare lengths and heights.


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Circles and Triangles - Print off the picture sheet with the 1 star and the stem sentence sheet. Pick 2 pictures and stick in your book. You can stick the stem sentence underneath or get your adult to scribe for you. 


If you are unable to print you could draw 2 items or pick 2 items and verbally/write down the sentence stems:

_________ is taller than _________

_________ is shorter than ___________

Pick another two items and write down the sentences:

________ is longer than ___________

_________ is shorter than __________


Squares, Rectangles and Pentagons - Print off the sheet with the 2 stars. Pick 2 pictures and write a comparative sentence underneath. (Adults you can use the stem sentences to support but see if your child can say their own comparative sentence themselves first).


If you are unable to print you could draw the 2 items or pick 2 items for your child to write the comparative sentence about. 


Challenge - You can pick your own 2 objects in your house and use one of the sentence stems to describe them.




Today we are going to be continuing our work on the suffix 'ing' using our story this week 'The Runaway Iceberg'. Watch the video underneath and have a go at completing today's challenge where you will be describing some of Rossi and Gaspar's adventures. 

Tuesday Literacy

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Orange pencils - Pick a picture from the document below. Write a sentence to match. You could get an adult to scribe the sentence and you could write in the 'ing' word e.g. Rossi was ________ sad.


Yellow pencils, Red pencils, Green pencils - Pick 2 pictures from the document below. Write a sentence to match the picture using an 'ing' word in each sentence. Some of the ing words you could use are: swimming, feeling, watching, dancing and jumping.


Blue pencils - Pick 3 pictures from the document below. Write a sentence to match each picture using an 'ing' word in each sentence. Could you extend one of your sentences using a 'because' or an 'and'. 


Today we are going to learn the 'ou' digraph, pronounced the same as the 'ow' digraph that we already know. 


For the warm up please click on the link to play the Speed Trial game. You can choose to practise phase 2, 3 and 5 sounds.


Main activity: Read the words, then cut and match them to the correct picture. 

Blue, Green & Red pencil group: Phase 5 words

Yellow & Orange pencil group: Phase 3 words

Phonics 5.1.21

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Today in science we will be looking at the seasonal changes that occur between Autumn and Winter.  Please watch the video 'Seren's Seasons' first to remind yourself of some of the signs associated with each season.  Can you remember what Seren builds each season?

Seren's seasons.mp4

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Science seasonal changes.mp4

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Orange and Yellow pencils - maybe your adult can write down the signs of winter you have included in your picture: no leaves on the tree, person wearing hat, scarf and gloves, snow on the ground...


Red and green pencils - Eg In winter I wear a hat, coat and scarf because it is very cold and it might snow.


Blue pencils - Eg. Winter is even colder than autumn and it might snow.  The trees have lost their leaves and might have icicles hanging on them.

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