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Watch the video introducing the + symbol and how we can use different methods to help us solve + sentences.


Challenge: you can either complete the attached worksheet or make up some of your own addition problems.  Use 3 plates to make yourself a part-whole model.  Perhaps you can use straws / shoe laces / string to join your parts to your whole.  Choose small numbers of objects to put in both of your parts - maybe you could use pasta shapes / buttons / leaves to be your counters.  How much would your whole total be?  Say the + sentence that you have made.  If you are able to write your sentence down to send to your teacher that would be great.  Can you be magic and swap the parts around to make a different + sentence?

Tuesday maths video.mp4

Still image for this video


Can you sing the alphabet song?  There are lots of different videos you can watch on YouTube if you want to sing-a-long with one.  Mrs Burkitt likes to join in the video below as it practices our letter names and letter sounds.

Boom shake the alphabet

A fun song that will teach your child the letter names and sounds

Challenge - on a piece of paper or on a tablet / laptop, can you write the letters of the alphabet in the correct order?  You might need to sing the song again to help you remember the correct order.  

If you can do it using capital letters can you then do it with lower case letters?  Send your teachers a picture of your ordering so we can check.


This term we have been thinking about creation.  We started the term by creating something of our own and talking about how we felt when we made it and how we would feel if it got broken.  Last week we listened to the story of how Christians believe God created the world, discussing that other people may believe it was created in other ways.  Today we will be learning about how God wants Christians to treat his world by answering Abbie Owls big question - Do Christians think God wants them to look after the world?

Look at the pictures below and decide if you think they show people treating the world in a way that would make God happy or not.  Can you think of any other way that Christians could look after the world to show they are making the right choices?


Guided Reading:

Yesterday you read the beginning of 'Leek Hotpot' on the Oxford Owl website.  Listen to or read the story up to page 11 today and then see if you can answer these questions:

P – What will the children do next? Page 7


I – Why do you think Biff said she can see Floppy? Pg 7


S – What did they put into the pot and in what order? Pg 8


I – Why is Biff telling Floppy no? Pg 9


V – Which word did Biff use to describe the hotpot? Pg 10


V – What other words could she have used? Pg 10


Did you spot any words with the 'ee' or the short 'oo' digraph in?

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