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W/C 20/4/20

Writing - Notes for parents are included on the first page of the documents for each day explaining the tasks. The reading texts are included here too. (Angry Cat and Hansel and Gretel)

Handwriting - Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words - If you can't print, just use blank lined paper or draw lines on. Ask your child to focus on the sizes of each letter and write the words down a few times on each line)

Spelling - Fun ways of practicing your spellings

Spellings Term 5 Week 1 (Contractions)

Phonics Spellings (Mrs Bryant/Mrs Sexton's Phonics set)

Maths - the topic that we are focusing on this week is measure. If you click onto the website address provided that will take you to the White Rose Home Learning, you then need to follow the weekly plan to click on the correct week and day. Here you will find a short clip that includes some flashback questions and then it will talk you through the learning needed for that particular lesson. I have downloaded the resources on here which include the worksheet and the answers.

The Rainforest


Open the presentation and the worksheet.


- Discuss where rainforests are found in the world. 

- Share the world map and the locations of the main areas of rainforest.

- Do you know the names of any of these countries?

- Do you know where they are located on the map?


Look at the labelled map and match the names of the countries to the areas of the Rainforest.


If you aren't able to print, use google maps online to find the different countries listed on the sheet that have areas of rainforest. You can type them in and look at a birds eye view of the area of rainforest in each country. You can take a photo of yourself studying the world map.

Science - Researching World Habitats


Activity 1 - Read the fact sheets about the different habitats. Draw and label a chosen habitat with the different plants and animals that live there.


Activity 2 - Complete the matching animals to their habitats. 


If you do not have access to a printer for this task, just create your own worksheets, label each habitat and either write the names of the animals or draw pictures with labels.

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