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W/C 27/4/20

Term 5 Week 2 - Message




Just a quick note on the following resources this week:

We have tweaked things very slightly from last week, offering a few different options to cater for different types of learners.


For topic work, we have come up with some mini learning project ideas all based around the topic of 'The Rainforest' and we have put them all in one place, on one sheet to make this easier for everyone. These tasks all cover a range of subjects (Literacy, Geography, Science, Art, DT, Music, Drama) and can be completed over the course of the rest of Term 5 rather than setting these on a weekly basis from now on. Some children might prefer to take on these tasks as they are all based on the one theme, all in one place, require very little or no printing and are quite 'hands on' which I know works best for some children especially in a home environment. It will also give them an element of choice too. I'm hoping for some parents/carers, this will make things easier. (Those who are finding having to look at lots of different documents on the website difficult and those who have more than one child and are struggling to share the IT equipment at home amongst lots of children). 


We are also still putting up the resources for the more structured Literacy weekly units as an extra offering for those children who prefer to follow a structured daily sequence of literacy work and for adults who are comfortable delivering it. This week I have added the Year 1 unit for those who would like the structured daily literacy but at a more accessible level for their child if they are finding it a bit challenging. 


Maths will still be set using the 'White Rose' maths work and there are some extra handwriting and spelling activities should you wish to use them to cover those areas. We have also added another set of reading based resources like last week too. 




Year 2 Teachers

Rainforest Topic Learning Ideas (These are a range of mini learning projects that your child could choose to do over the rest of the term and are all based on the Rainforest topic)

Structured Daily Literacy Lessons (Easier level) (Extra)

Spellings Term 5 Week 2

Fun Spelling Activities (Extra)

Handwriting Sheets - Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Words (We would normally do 10-15 mins per day at school if that helps as a guide))

Maths - this week we will continue to focus on the topic measure. If you click onto the website address provided that will take you to the White Rose Home Learning, you then need to follow the weekly plan to click on the correct week and day. Here you will find a short clip that includes some flashback questions and then it will talk you through the learning needed for that particular lesson. I have downloaded the resources on here which include the worksheet and the answers. There is also a measure assessment to complete and an arithmetic paper which has a one star column and a two star column. If your child wants more of a challenge then chose the two star column, the children are encouraged to try and work these questions out mentally but can use jottings when needed.

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