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Wednesday timetable:

Literacy, Maths, Guided Reading, Phonics, Handwriting and P.E.


Watch the video to learn about making a word bank of adjectives to describe the Head Witch in the story A Magical Muddle.

To use adjectives

Still image for this video

Challenge 1: draw a picture of the animal that you think the Head Witch was turned into by trainee witch Tabitha.  You can use the attached photo frame if you want to print it out or just draw it in your home learning book.  

Challenge 2: like on the video, can you think of different adjectives for the 4 FANTASTICs (noticing, smelling, touch and feeling) to describe your animal.  Create a word bank and then choose your favourite words.

Noticing - what they look like: think about colour, shape and size

Smell - what do they smell like: not just stinky or nice

Touch - if you felt the animal what would they feel like

Feeling - what sort of animal are they? Kind, nasty, strict, caring...


Watch the video to learn how to write and solve subtraction problems through crossing out on a tens frame.

Year 1 maths 11.11.12.mp4

Still image for this video

Challenge: either complete the attached worksheet (print off or just write the answers in your purple book) or make up your own subtraction problems.  Draw yourself a tens frame, fill it with some dots - choose how many you will cross out and then write the subtraction sentence to match.

           8 - 3 = 5


Try to get your numbers written the correct way round - use the number sheet in the back of your purple book to help.


We are still practising our curly caterpillar letters especially q and e.  Please use your letter formation sheet in your purple book to practise writing these letters, making sure they start on the line and finish on the line.  The tail of the q should go under the line.

If you want to practise them on letter join the login details can be found on the main page of the home learning support page.

Guided Reading

You can either read your home reading books, any book you have at home or log into Oxford Owl and follow the plan below.

Oxford Owl: please search for the book 'The Right House'.  Recap what happened in the book so far and that this is a non-fiction book.  Practise using the contents page to find information about different types of houses, reading the information on each page.  Then answer the following questions:

1) What type of houses have you found out about so far in this book?

2) What is this type of house called? Pg 8

3) Why dpes the boy want his house to be near a river? Pg 11

4) What type of house do you think the boy will choose? Pg 13

5) Why does the boy not like the tent? Pg 15

6) What type of house did they think was best and why? Pg 16

7) Which house would you choose and why?


This week we are practising writing tricky words in Phonics.  You could play Tricky Word trucks on Phonics Play (website).  Read the words below and look at which part makes it tricky.  Then practise writing the words into your purple book.  Can you spell them correctly and can you do it without having to look at the word?

Orange pencils I, no, go, to, the, into

Yellow pencils he, she, we, be, me

Red Green Blue all, are, was, they, my

Extra challenge: can you put your words into a sentence?


If possible try and do something active for 10-20 minutes.  This could be jogging around your garden or a room.  Completing some yoga or stretches.  Make up a little routine of exercises (star jumps, sit ups, tap your toes and stand up tall, lunges).  Take some photos and upload them onto Tapestry.

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