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Can you believe we have already made it to the middle of the week. We would like to say a massive well done to all of Year 1 for all the wonderful work we are seeing. Today's lesson are going to be Literacy. Maths, Phonics, Computing and PE. We really hope you enjoy the lessons . 


Today we will be continuing our work on comparing length and height. To start today's lesson we will play a game, click on the link below to play it:

Next watch today's maths video underneath. It is a final lesson on working on comparing lengths before we move on to measuring later on in the week!

Maths video Wed

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Circles and Triangles - Print off the 1 star sheets (page 1 and 2) 

Squares, Rectangles and Pentagons - Print off the 2 star sheets (page 3 and 4)


If you are unable to print open the sheets and just copy the answers for each question making sure you write the question number into your purple book e.g. 

1a- longer



 I have also added some mastery questions that you might like to complete as a further challenge!


Well done for so many lovely sentences using the 'ing' suffix yesterday, we were all very impressed. Today we are going to begin to move on to a new suffix. Watch the video below and try and join in as much as you can!

Literacy Wednesday

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Orange pencils and Yellow pencils  - Write the word using the 'ing' suffix. I will attach the words as a picture below and also the sheet incase you would like to print it out.


Red pencils, Green pencils and Blue Pencils - Adding the 'ed' suffix. I will attach the words as picture below as well incase you would like to print it out.




Orange and yellow activity

Red, green and blue activity


This term in P.E. we were supposed to be learning the skills needed to play Tri Golf, however this would be quite hard to do without the correct equipment so we have changed the unit to Infant Agility.  Each week we will learn a different agility skill that could help you in a variety of team games.  Today we are going to be learning how to do a standing long jump.

PE warm up.mp4

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PE activity.mp4

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PE challenge.mp4

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As the first lesson of a new  term we always learn something about online safety which is really important whilst we are learning from home.  You will need to visit the ThinkUKnow website to watch a video about how to stay safe whilst watching videos online.  There is also some additional parental guidance attached that parents and carers may wish to read before you start this lesson.

Parent / carers guidance

Challenge - can you create a 'helping hand'?  Draw around your own hand or an adults hand.  In the song Jessie learns that if she hears or sees something that makes her tummy feel funny she must tell an adult that she trusts who will come and help her.

Can you think of 5 adults, they can be at school or at home, that you would talk to if you needed help whilst watching videos online and you got a funny feeling in your tummy?  Can you write their name, one in each finger of your helping hand.  In the middle of the hand you could do some nice bubble writing saying my helping hand.  If you want you can cut out your helping hand and keep it near your computing device as a reminder of who you can trust to help you when you are online.


Today we are going to be practising the sound 'ie', pronounced in the word 'pie' and 'lie'.

The activity today will need a little bit of forward preparation - there are some words in the document below that contain that the 'ie' sound. You will need to hide these words around the house and see if your child can find them, they can read them and then tick them off on a list or write them down once they have found them. 

The words are: pie, lie, tie, fried, cried, tried, fries, spied. 

I have attached an 'ie' colour and read sheet that you can do as an extra activity if you would like to. 


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