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Wednesday 12th January 2022



Today we are learning the new digraph 'ng.' Please can you watch the power point and join in with the activities if you are able. If you would like an extra challenge then please complete one of these activities:


* Ask and adult to write 'ng' and 'sh' and some post its/small bits of paper and play snap with them. 

**  Read 'ng' words ring, rung, sing, long, king, swing, thin and uderline the 'ng' digraph. Ask and adult to write the words initially.

*** Read the sentence 'A long king had a thin ring' and underline the 'ng' dipraphs. Can you think of your own sentence?

Learning 'ng' Lesson


Today we are learning about how to make 5

Watch this video:

Complete this activity:

Topic Lesson

We have read the story ‘Lost and Found’, which is about a fictional (made up) penguin.  Watch the clip below to see a real life penguin.  Look at how the penguins move and listen to how they sound.  What is it like where they live?

Emperor penguins | The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth | BBC Earth - YouTube


Activities to complete:

What did you learn about penguins from this clip?

You can tell a family member what you have learnt about penguins.

You could have a go at writing a fact that you have learnt about the penguin, remember to sound out words carefully, use your sound mat and put spaces between the words.

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