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Starter: recap counting in 2s.

Do you notice a pattern? Are the numbers odd/even?

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Challenges:  Please note you do not have to print the sheets, you can draw/write your answers straight into your purple books.

Circles, Triangle and Square groups complete the worksheet with * at the top right corner (page 1)

Rectangle and Pentagons group complete the worksheet on page 2.

Extension: Try to answer the question cards on page 3.

If you would like to be creative and record the results from your measuring in a different way that is also fine.


*It is important that you keep saying the sentences as you have measured:

"The capacity of the _______ is __ cups." 

"The capacity of the jug is 6 cups." 


The words are starting to get a little trickier with thier joins.  Remember you can always log into Letter Join to watch the videos again or to practice tracing over the words before you write them in your home learning books.

Handwriting Wednesday Wk3.mp4

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Today we are thinking about similes - what they are and having a go at including them in our writing. 

Have a look at your planning sheet from yesterday's learning and the animal you have chosen to write about. What similes can you think of to describe that animal? 


Blue, green & red pencil group: Add similes to your plan to describe your animal. 


Yellow & orange pencil group: Add similes to your plan to describe your animal. If you are still practising your writing, your adult can write the first part of your sentence and you can finish it. e.g. His tail is as long as _____________, Her teeth are sharp like _____________. 


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Today in phonics we are learning the digraph 'ph'. 

Before we begin please listen to the ABC Youtube song and then see how many flashcards you can read in the time frame - good luck!

Alphabet Song - ABC Song UK ZED Version! Learn the Alphabet, British English ABC Songs

UK English "Zed" version of our Alphabet Song! Learn your ABCs (and Zeds!) with Bounce Patrol. Can you sing all the letters of the alphabet from A to Z? Whis...

Flash cards

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How many flashcards can you read in the time frame?

We are learning the digraph 'ph'

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We are continuing with our multi skills this week and today we will be looking at how to perform different types of jumps.  You may use these jumps in gymnastics or dance.

To get your bodies ready for P.E. you will need to do the warm up game attached.  Unfortunately there is no warm up or cool down video today as my glamorous assistant (Ethan) had lots of his own school work to do so was unavailable for videoing!. wink

Now that you have warmed up you will need to watch the video which will show you how to perform each style of jump.  The help cards are at underneath all the videos if you need them to look at too.  Once you have watched each video you can then have a practise at performing each style of jump.

Tuck Jump

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Star jump

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Straight jump

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Jump with a 1/2 turn

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Cat leap

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Once you have performed all jumps think about which jump you enjoyed doing the most or which one you think you performed the best.  As an extra challenge you could make up a little routine putting all the jumps together in an order.

You will then need to follow the cool down game on the attached card.


We are going to continue using Purple Mash and 2Create a Story, working on our eBooks about animals around the world.  Last week we learnt how to animate our work, in today's lesson you will open your eBook and learn how to add a sound effect to the page.  Please remember to save your book so that we can continue working on it each week.

adding sound part 1.mp4

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adding sound part 2.mp4

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