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Today's timetable:  Literacy, Maths, Phonics, Handwriting, Guided Reading, P.E.



Watch the video below which introduces the beginning of our own story based on 'The Princess and the Wizard.'  


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Challenge:  Think about the first 3 days in the story - what colour object did Princess Eliza turn into when she tried to escape?  What would you turn into in the classroom to try and escape?  Use the planning sheet attached or record your ideas in your purple book:

On Monday I was a blue....

On Tuesday I was a yellow...

On Wednesday I was a green...

Can you use the correct noticing fantastic (colour) and maybe another adjective to describe what you turned into?


We started a new topic in maths: shape.  We wanted to know which 2D shapes the children already knew.  Watch the video which introduces some 2D shapes.

Wednesday maths (1).mp4

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Challenge:  Can you go on a shape hunt around your house?  You are looking for examples of 2D shapes (flat shapes).  It could be a rectangle shaped dinner mat, or a square kitchen tile.  You can either record your shape hunt in your purple book or take photos of each shape you find and post on Tapestry.  There is also a worksheet below which you can either print out or record in your purple book.


Today we would like you to practise joining up the lower case letters in your name.  Remember your capital letter should be the tallest.  Can you write your name in your purple book with all the letters sitting correctly on the line?  The letter formation sheet in the back of the book should help you remember where to start and finish them.

If you would like to practise some more you can either log into Letter-Join or - writing repeater.


Video 1 revises some of our phase 2 phonemes playing mystery bag.  After each phoneme is pulled out of the bag can you think of any other words that have that phoneme in and where you can hear that phoneme?


Video 2 introduces our phonemes for this week and trick's tricky words of the week.  You will then need to play Dragon's Den on the Phonics Play website - phase 3 'ure'.


Video 3 shows how we added sound buttons (sausage and beans) to the different puzzle words (real words) and wug words (nonsense words).  Can you copy the words into your purple book and then add the correct sound buttons too?

Phonics video 1

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Phonics video 2

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Phonics video 3

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Guided Reading

We looked at the beginning of a new book called 'Tom, Dad and Colin' on the Oxford Owl website.  We answered some questions about the front cover before reading to page 7.  You can either read the book yourself or listen along.  See if you can then answer these questions:

What do you think the book will be about? Front cover

Who is Colin? (pg2)

Where do you think they are going? (pg2)

 What words tell us about the road? (pg4)

Who is following them? (Pg4)

Why is Tom getting on the donkey? (pg6)




We continued learning our skills involved for Tag Rugby today - throwing and catching accurately.  We worked in pairs playing follow my leader with the leader holding the ball.  When the whistle blew we had to stop, look at each other, throw the ball to the other person and then they became the leader.


Your challenge is to be active for at least 20minutes.  This could be going out in your garden, doing some yoga, watching a Joe Wicks workout on YouTube or making up your own routine of exercises.  If you have a ball at home and are able to go out in your garden you might like to practise the throwing and catching activity that we did.

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