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Alternative ways of spelling the /oo/ phoneme. 

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Reading comprehension


Today we will be completing our first section of writing on Africa. We will again be joined by the Go Jetters to teach us some funky facts and then we will be using these facts in our writing. Watch the videos below to learn more about Africa!

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Today's challenge will be linked to the children writing their own facts about the continent of Africa. Below is a breakdown of the challenges. I have also attached the expectations for each group to try and include in their writing and a picture of what the symbols mean. It is so useful for the children to begin to use these symbols when checking their work. 

Orange pencils fill in the gap


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Today we look at how we can represent 2-digit numbers in a part-whole model and using some equipment called Base 10 which you will be able to use when you return to school.

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Pentagons problem solving


The first week of every term we think about internet safety. Today, we are going to watch Hector's World and think about information that we shouldn't share with people on the internet. Can you remember what personal information you should keep safe?


This week we are going to carry on thinking about balancing. To warm up, have a look at the Jumping Bean activity card. Can you complete the jumping challenges?

For this lesson you will need either a piece of chalk or some tape. You will make a line on the ground and try to walk along it without falling off! You can make it as simple or challenging as your child needs. Have fun!

PE Main Activity 24.2.21

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