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Wednesday 26th May

Hi Year 1,


Today's home learning consists of: Literacy - practising spelling days of the week and writing a dragon school timetable together before you do your pencil group challenge.

Maths - revising comparing heights, Topic is PSHE: Jigsaw Jack will be looking at who can help us in our school community and in Phonics we are recapping consonant digraphs: /ch/ /sh/ /th/ and /ng/.


You can choose which order you want to complete the challenges in but please upload them onto Tapestry so we can see and comment on your amazing work.


Hope you all have a good day! smiley


Watch today's video that models how to complete the look, cover, write, check activity and the dragon timetable challenge.  Then find the right challenge for your pencil group.  Remember, if you can't print the resources out you can just write your answers into your purple home learning book or any paper you have at home.

Wednesday literacy.mp4

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Today we are recapping the conosonant digraphs /ch/ /sh/ /th/ and /ng/.  Can you remember what a digraph is?  Can you remember what consonants are?  Watch the video to practise spotting them in words.  Then complete the pencil challenge below.

Wednesday phonics.mp4

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Blue and green pencils: read the crossword clues and fill in the answers  If you can't print out the crossword then just record your answers in your purple home learning book.


Yellow and red pencils - look at the pictures: can you work out which consonant digraph has been missed off to label the picture.  If you can print them there are lots of small consonant digraphs that can be cut out and stuck on.  If you have any pegs you can stick the digraph onto a peg and then peg it into the right place.  If you don't have a printer you can just write the words into your books and underline / highlight the consonant digraph that you have used.


Orange pencils - look at the picture and circle the word that matches.  If you don't have a printer you can draw the pitcures in your book and label them or just write the correct word into your home learning book.

SEND activity - look at the I Spy picture.  Start with the phoneme /s/ - what objects in the picture can you find that start with /s/.  Then move onto /a/ /t/ /p/ /i/ /n/.  As an extra challenge can you write any of the objects that you spotted?


This week in maths we are seeing how much you can remember about shapes, length and height. Watch the video about comparing height and complete the activities below. Have fun!

Maths 26.5

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Challenge 1

As it says in the video, compare the height of everyone in your family and order them from shortest to tallest. If this is not possible, you can order some of your toys by height. You can draw a picture to show us who is the tallest and who is the shortest, if you choose. 


Challenge 2

Choose an object. Look around and your house and record 3 things that are taller and shorter than your object. If you find something that is the same height, add that to your list too! 


Challenge 3


Today Jigsaw Jack is helping us to think about who we can ask for help when we are at school and how we can ask someone for help if we have a problem. 


Challenge 1:

Look at the job cards below. Think about who you could ask at school for help. What could that person help us with at school? Talk to your adult about this. 


Challenge 2:

Look at the problem cards. Choose one, or more if you'd like. Act out what you would do to tell an adult that you need help with that problem. Think about what you might say or who you might go to? Your adult can take a photo of you acting out what you would do and put it onto tapestry. 

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