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Welcome to Wednesday's Work for home!  We hope you are enjoying the challenges you have been set so far - we have see pictures of some very magical things to find in a wizards pocket, excellent 3D shape hunts and fantastic letter formation.


Today your learning includes: literacy, maths, handwriting, phonics and Jigsaw Jack (PSHE).  You can of course still do extra bits including reading on Oxford Owl, My Maths and Spelling Shed.  The Year 1 teachers are logging in regularly to check on how you are doing with these other challenges too.


Thank you for all your hard work so far, it really does amaze all the teachers at how resillient you are and the risk taking that you are doing at home.  Keep up the fantastic effort and keep in touch with us.


Stay safe,

The Year 1 Team


Today we are going to think more about the properties of 3D shapes. Have a look at the video below and see if you can name the shapes you see. 

Today's challenge is to find some 3D objects from around the house. You could use a tin can for a cylinder, a ball for a sphere, a cereal box for a cuboid, etc. Choose a 3D shape and hide it from your adult. Can you describe it to them? Remember to try to use words such as faces, vertices and edges. You can give extra clues such as describing an object that is that shape. When you are finished giving your clues, your adult needs to have a go at guessing which shape you have been describing. Were they right?

You can write your clues into your home learning book or onto tapestry or you can take a video of your clues to show us. 

I have uploaded a 3D shape clues and picture matching game as a small extra if you would like an extra activity. Have fun! 

Maths 1/12/20

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Here is a video for your PSHE lesson for today. You will need some craft resources for the activity.

Please note: You may choose a different activity for your 'new challenge' if you do not have craft materials available.


PSHE-Puzzle piece 4

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Stretchy Learning
Challenge - if you have the resources to follow the instructions in the video to make a stretchy flower then please do so.  If you don't have access to those then perhaps you can stretch your mind by learning a new skill such as tieing your shoe laces, doing up the zip on your coat or making a sandwich.  Think about the steps you need to go through in order to learn this new skill and how good it feels when you can finally achieve it!


In literacy today we are going to be learning how to use a new type of punctuation called commas.  Watch the video below that will explain what they are and how they work.

Wednesday literacy.mp4

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Challenge - in your purple book choose from the ingredients on the screen or think of your own to write a shopping list for your magic potion.  Can you remember where you need to use commas and where the full stop needs to go?  If you would like an extra challenge you could log into Purple Mash and use 2Write to type up your list.


Today in phonics we are looking for the last time at initial consonant blends but also how to write the tricky words 'you' and 'was'.

Wednesday phonics.mp4

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Challenge: play tricky word bingo.  With an adult you will need to draw out a 3 x 3 grid into your book or on paper.  Choose from the following tricky words to fill your grid - there are spare words so you can play again if you wish.  Take it in turns to correctly read a tricky word - if you get it correct you can put either a 0 or a X in that box - try to get a straight line of 3.


Words to choose from: 

he  she  we  be  me  I  you  was  come  some  were  like  the  a  said  to  go  no


Continuing with our one armed robot letters today we are practicing 'm'.  Make sure you warm those fingers up before you start to write.

Handwriting m for Wednesday.mp4

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