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Hi Year 1, we are nearly halfway through the week.  You are still all working so hard, thank you.  It is great seeing all the fantastic home learning you are all doing.


Wednesday's lessons include: literacy, maths, phonics, R.E. and handwriting.  Remember you can choose which order you do them in.


In Literacy today we will be writing our Christmas acrostic poems.  Watch the video that will explain how to use your word bank from yesterday to select the starting word for each line of your poem.

Wednesday literacy.mp4

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Mrs Burkitt's acrostic poem

Your challenge

Write your own acrostic poem for the word your pencil group was given:

Orange - star

Yellow  - snow

Red and Green - Santa

Blue - Snowman


Use a word from your word bank to start each line of the poem.  Remember to start each line of the poem on a new line and you can use fancy writing for the 1st letter so that your theme word stands out on the page.


Today we are thinking of the value of the numbers we are learning about this week. We are going to learn about 'tens' and ones'. This is an introduction to place value and we will be continuing with this tomorrow. 


Challenge: Today you will be given some pictures of objects representing a number between 11-20. Can you work out how many groups of ten there are? How many ones there are? Now can you work out the number that the picture is showing?

Maths 9.12

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Please watch the video below for your RE lesson based on the nativity story.

RE video - lesson 2

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Orange pencils and Yellow pencils- Print off the 4 pictured nativity sheet and order. If you are unable to print you could draw 4 pictures of what happened in the nativity and verbally tell an adult what happened.


Red, Green and Blue pencils - Print off the 6 pictured nativity sheet and order. If you are unable to print, draw 6 pictures of what happened and write a simple caption underneath.



As it is Wednesday, today is Tricky Word Wednesday.  You will be learning which part of Trick's tricky words are the tricky part.

wed warm up.mp4

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Wednesday phonics.mp4

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Watch how we form long ladder letter j - watch how its long ladder actually goes down under the line rather than up high.

Handwriting j for Wednesday.mp4

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