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Nearly there Year 1 with your last week of term home learning.  You are all doing such a great job and we hope you have enjoyed the learning that we have been doing so far this week?


Today you have: phonics, maths, literacy and topic.


Yesterday we practised reading real and nonsense words, today you are going to be writing real and nonsense words.


Let's get our brains warmed up with quick write.  You need to give yourself 2 minutes and see how many different phonemes you can write down.  These can include your digraphs and trigraphs.  Remember oo can be written twice as it has 2 pronunciations: are there any other phonemes we know like that?

Wednesday phonics.mp4

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Today we are going to watch the Christmas advert called The Bear and The Hare.  You will either need to print out the questions attached or have this page open as you watch the video as you need to pause the video at certain points to answer questions.


The Bear and The Hare – Video questions


Before watching the film:

Do you know what Christmas is?

How would you explain it to someone who had never seen Christmas?


Pause the film after one second.

Which animals may have never seen Christmas?

Do you know why?


Pause the film after 30 seconds.

What does the bear think about the snow?

Why is the bear yawning?

What do you think is going to happen next?


Pause the film at 53 seconds.

How does the Hare feel about all of the Christmas decorating by the other animals?

What is the Bear more interested in?


Pause the film at 59 seconds.

How do we know that winter is coming?


Pause the film at 1 min 40 seconds.

How is the bear feeling?

How do we know?

What do you think the Hare got him as a present?

Why did the Hare really want the Bear to be there?


Watch the film until the end.

What did you like about this film?

Was there anything you would change?

Christmas Advert, The Bear and the Hare- John Lewis 2013

Story map.mp4

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Today there won't be any files to download or use, all you will need is a toy! Listen to the instructions and put your toy in the correct place. Have fun!

Maths 16/12

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Today in PSHE we are thinking about overcoming obstacles and how that makes us feel. Please watch the video below and complete the activity:

PSHE Overcoming obstacles

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For the activity:

Orange and yellow group can tell their answers to an adult who can scribe for them.

Red and green group can use bullet points to jot down their responses.

Blue group can write their answers in full sentences.

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