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Guided Reading:

Before you read the rest of the story can you recap what happened in the beginning and middle of the story 'Leek Hotpot'?  Who are the characters?  How do you think the story is going to end?

Read / listen to the whole story and then see if you can answer the questions below.

R – Where had mum been? Pg 12

I – How do you know that Kipper had been to the shops too? Pg 13

R – What had they got for Floppy? Pg 13


                                       V – What did they call Floppy’s food? Pg16


There are 2 activities that you can play after answering the questions.  They do not always work, but hopefully they will today.


This term we have been practising our curly caterpillar family letters.  Please watch the video (apologies that it is a bit fuzzy - it was my first time recording on my own at home!) and then complete the challenges.  Don't forget to put pictures of your home learning on Tapestry for your teachers to look at.

Challenge 1) Practise writing your own curly caterpillar letters on paper


Challenge 2) Can you make the letters using a piece of string or a shoe lace? 

Handwriting video.mp4

Still image for this video


Yesterday we introduced the + symbol and how we can use a tens frame or a part-whole model to help us write some + sentences.  We also learnt that we could swap the 2 smaller numbers around and make another + sentence.

Watch today's video which introduces addition fact families and how we can use a bar model to help us work out all our fact family addition sentences.

You can then either complete the attached sheet either verbally / printing it out / recordiing on paper - or choose your own 3 numbers and see if you can write the 4 fact family + sentences that match.

Wednesday maths video.mp4

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We have been writing descriptive sentences using our FANTASTICs linked to our book 'The Pirates Nextdoor.'  Yesterday you wrote about the character Jim Lad as part of your red rainbow challenge.  Today we would like you to look at the picture of Matilda - she is very different to Jim Lad.  Can you use your 'Noticing' words to describe what she looks like?  Remember to talk or write in full sentences - you might start your sentence:

Matilda has ...

If you are writing your sentences please remember to use your sound talk, finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.  We would love to see pictures of your writing or perhaps you could type it up and send it to your teacher.

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