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Week 2 (W/C 9/11/20)

Literacy 12/11/20

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In this lesson we are aiming to be able to describe a setting using descriptive language. Just follow the video and write your description on a piece of paper.

Reading 12/11/20 Egg Drop - Read Aloud for STEM Challenge

Welcome to our YouTube Channel for teachers, parents and kids! Today we read a cool book called "Egg Drop" written by Mini Grey. Simple Overview: Build and T...

Reading (link for youtube video of the book)

Reading 11/11/20 Sir Isaac Newton - Non-Fiction Reading sheet plus Activity Questions

Literacy (11/11/20)

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Literacy lesson focusing on using adverbs in sentences. For the main task, try to write multiple descriptive sentences about what the girl has seen so far including adverbs. Use the adverb word bank to help you.

Maths 11/11/20

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In todays maths lesson we have been looking at column subtraction with exchanging. The golden rule is 'if it is too poor, borrow from next door'.
The work sheet is in the slides today so you can pause it and write down the columns and the answer (remember to write T and O at the top so you can line up the numbers correctly and use a takeaway sign).

RE (11/11/20)

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This RE lesson focuses on being able to retell the events of the Nativity. Just a blank A4 sheet and pencil is required to be able to do this lesson :)

Science (10/11/20)

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Video of the science lesson. There is an investigation requiring different testing of different surfaces. If you have a toy car, it will be a lot easier for the investigation.

PSHE Lesson - 10/11/20

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Today the children discussed others who face challenges and thought about who they admire. Attached is the reflection piece and the piece of paper with children facing challenges.

Whole Class Reading 10/11/20

Literacy (9/11/20) Mr Walsh's/Mr Stanbra's Maths Class

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The children were learning how to write speech in today's lesson. They can complete this task on paper. No worksheet required. :)

Maths (9/11/20) Miss Hopkinson's Maths Set

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Today we were looking at column subtraction with no borrowing.

The worksheet did not show properly on the video so I have uploaded this separately. Hopefully this should all make sense!
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