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Week 3 (W/C 16/11/20)

Maths 20/11/20 Mr Stanbra

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We have reached the end of our unit on addition and subtraction so this lesson is an assessment of what you have learned so far. Watch the video and do the questions as we go along. You can either choose to answer on a blank piece of paper by looking at the questions on the screen or print off the questions by clicking the link to them below. Hopefully that all makes sense. Good luck!

Maths 19/11/20 Mr Stanbra

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This lesson focuses on solving multi-step addition and subtraction problems. There are 3 levels of challenge the children can attempt depending on how confident they feel; mild, hot and spicy. They are uploaded below. If there are any issues then please send a message on ClassDojo :)

Literacy Mr Walsh 19/11/20

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Had a problem with the tech in the lesson so have just provided a run through of what we did today. Hoping it's all self explanatory and I've explained it clearly enough! Let me know!

Your task for topic today is to used the attached resources to create your own fact file on the research map! Write down as many facts as you can about the Bronze Age! This could be about:

- Homes

- Clothing

- What Bronze is made of

- Weather and agriculture

- Travel

- The beaker culture


You could also use this website to help your research -

Goodluck with your research!

PSHE - 17/11/20 - Today we are looking at our dreams and ambitions. Please fill in the flower with a picture of yourself in the middle and fill the petal with drawings of your dreams.

Maths -16/11/20

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Today we are looking at missing number problems within column addition. The sheet is at the end of the video, where you can pause it and have a go at some of the questions yourself. Remember to use the inverse to figure out what number is missing and check again that it is correct when the column is complete!

Literacy 16/11/20

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Today's lesson is about sequencing the events that happen in the beginning of the book 'Journey'. You can either print off and order the pictures or view the pictures and think about the order they need to go in.

Link to book and pictures for sequencing

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