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Week beginning 12/10/2020

Literacy - We have listened to / read the story called 'The Pirates Nextdoor' by Jonny Duddles.  You can find a version of the book online.  We are going to imagine that Jimlad and his family move into our road and become our neighbours.  We have thought about what information we would need to tell him about ourselves.

Can you complete the sheet all about yourself?


Jimlad wrote a letter to us all.  Read his letter and then see if you can write a letter back.  Remember you need to tell him all about you - use your planning sheet to help.  Can you write in full sentences and remember your sentence rules: capital letters / finger spaces / sound talk / full stops.
Maths: This week we have been looking at whole numbers and parts of numbers.  If the whole number is 4 - how many parts could it have?  (4 and 0, 3 and 1, 2 and 2, 1 and 3, 0 and 4).  Watch the videos and then complete the worksheets - you do not need to print these off, you can talk about your answers or write them on any paper that you have at home.
Topic: We have been thinking about creating things and how it made us feel when we created them and how it would feel if they were broken.  This week we will be thinking about our planet and who created this/where did it come from? Explain that we are going to find out where Christians think the world came from. Watch the story ‘Wonderful Earth!’ by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen (Creation Story - Genesis chapter 1) on YouTube.  Use large sequencing pictures to order/ illustrate what happened on each day. When exploring each day say that Christians believe that God created this. Discuss how Christians believe that God created the world and everything in it.
Science challenge:  can you find 5 different objects in your house.  Can you talk about what material they are made from and the properties of this material (can it stretch, is it strong / waterproof / soft)?  Are any of your objects made from the same material but have different properties?
Phonics: We are revising our Phase 2 and the start of Phase 3 phonemes.  This week we are focusing on words with 'qu' 'ch' 'sh' and 'th' in them.  You can go on Phonics Play and play some of the games using these sounds - can you spot them in real and nonsense words?
Handwriting - Please practice your curly caterpillar letters: c, a, d and g.  Can you start them in the correct place and get them to sit on a line?
Reading: Log into Oxford Owl (details on front page of home learning) and search ebooks for Family Poems.  Can you remember what a contents page is and how to use it?  Choose a poem to read together - can you spot any rhyming words?  How do you know they rhyme?  Did you like the poem?  Choose and read another poem - did you prefer this one or the first one?  Were there any tricky words in the poem that our robot Trick has been practsing in class?
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