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Week beginning 16/11/2020

Home learning for Friday 20th November


Timetable for today:

Literacy, Maths, Handwriting, Guided Reading and Science


You will need to watch the video to find out how we are using FANTASTICs in our caption writing.  You will also need to listen to the story 'The Princess and the Wizard' up till Saturday.

Friday Literacy.mp4

Still image for this video

Princess and the Wizard.mp4

Still image for this video

Challenge: Use the pictures attached or draw your own in your purple book.

1) Sequence the beginning and middle of the story - put the pictures in order.

2) Think of a caption for one of the beginning pictures and one of the middle pictures.

3) Write your 2 captions

4) Check: have you used any FANTASTICs (adjectives / describing words) and have you used your sentence rules: Captial letters, finger spaces, sound talk and full stops.


This week in Maths we have been learning about subtraction. On Monday and Tuesday we used a ten frame to take away 1 digit numbers from 10. For today's lesson, we are thinking about subtraction fact families. This is where we use the same 3 digits from a number sentence to create 3 new ones. Some of these look a bit funny as the = symbol comes first. 

Have a look at the video and have a go! 


Still image for this video


You can choose to use the White Rose activity sheet that has been uploaded to the website


If it is easier or you do not have a printer please can you choose 2 numbers up to 10 and create your own subtraction fact family. For example, if you chose 7 and 4, you would create the - number sentence 7-4=3. Your child will need to then create the other three number sentences to create the fact family. 

This would look like:





Please create at least 3 different fact families. Don't forget to check your number formation!

Resources - White Rose Fact Family Sheet


This week we have started looking at one armed robot letters - r and n.  Use the letter formation sheet in your purple book to help you practise writing these letters.  You need to start on the line, lead up the robots body and then curve over the robots arm.  You could practise writing these letters in your purple books, on LetterJoin (login details on the front page of Home Learning) or in a tray of flour or sugar.

Guided Reading

We are starting a new book in school, you will need to log into the Oxford Owl website (login details on the home learning front page) and search for the eBook called 'Everyone Got Wet.'

Look at the front cover and make a prediction about what you think the book will be about.  Then listen along or read up to page 12 and answer the following questions:

What do you think the book will be about? Front cover

How do you think the hose/water butt got broken? (pg2)

How will they fix it? (pg2)

How is everyone feeling when the water butt breaks? (pg6)

What will happen next? (pg8)

What word can you think of to describe how mum is feelng when the hose breaks? (pg12)

                           What words can you think of to describe the new water butt? (pg12)

 You can either just talk about your answers or record them in your purple book.


Last week we started to learn about 3 different types of clouds - can you remember any of them?


Cirrus - meaning hair like.  These are whispy thin clouds found high up in the sky


Cumulus - meaning heaped or piled.  These look like sheep or cotton wool


Stratus - meaning layers.  These cover the whole sky and look like they are lines of cloud layered upon each other.


We also learnt that nimbus meant rain and only 2 of the above clouds can carry rain: cumulonimbus and stratonimbus.



If you didn't make your clouds in school last week and you have some cotton wool you might like to make each type of cloud and stick it in  your purple book - make sure you label them so we can see which type of cloud you have made.




Can you take photos or look out of the window at different times and record the types of clouds you see throughout the day.  Do they change into nimbus clouds?  If they do - does it rain?  Do we have different types of cloud within a day or do they stay the same?  Use your purple book to record what you have found out.

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