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Week Beginning 22/3/21


This week we have been learning how to add by counting on.  The children have been practising working with different methods including putting a number in their head and counting on on their fingers, using objects and most recently using a number line.  We have thought hard about how it is often easier to put the largest number first and then add on the smaller number.

Please use the White Rose resources as an opportunity to practise what you have learnt this week.

Add by counting on within 20


This week in literacy we have been familiarising ourselves with different African folk tales called Tinga Tinga Tales.  We have been enjoying watching them and then practising sequencing, retelling and acting them out.  Throughout the week different groups have been working on different focus challenges so please see below the last activity your child's group would have been doing at school today.

Challenge 1 - all pencil groups

Look at the front cover pictures of the stories we have watched so far.  Which one have you enjoyed the most and why?  Can you use the word 'because' to expand your answer?

Discuss at home what you can remember happening in each story - what was your favourite part and why?

front covers

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