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You will find the weekly learning resources added to this page each week. We have tried to plan resources that don't necessarily need to be printed out for those who do not have access to a printer at home and to prevent you spending extra money on ink. I would say at the very least, your child will need a pen/pencil and pieces of paper to complete this work. If anyone has any issues in terms of gathering resources to complete the tasks set please let me know. Alternative arrangements can be made for those where internet access is an issue. 


If you are choosing not to print, please just ask your child to make it clear which piece of work it is they are attempting at the top of their page with a title of some sort that matches the piece of work and then just to complete any answers underneath, numbering them if required. This is absolutely fine and teachers will be able to see which piece of work it refers to when they look at it. I have attached an example of this below.


It will NOT be compulsory for any home learning work to be handed in each week or when we return to school. We do not want to put extra pressure on our parents/carers and children at an already extremely challenging time. However, if you wish, you can upload a photograph of your child's work to their Class Dojo portfolio if you have time to do this and you are signed up. This can be done at the end of the week all at once, or each day, whatever suits best. Teachers will have the opportunity to see your child's work and celebrate it. If you are not signed up to Class Dojo and do not wish to be, of course your child can still bring in their work for their teacher to see when we return to school if they want to. 


Children do not have to complete absolutely everything we have set, although of course if they wish to do so, this is fine too. Everyone's current circumstances are unique so I would say do what is manageable for you and your child. We have tried to provide a balanced set of tasks around Reading, Writing, Maths and Topic so that children have on average at least one of each task for each day of the week and to give you guidance, as parents/carers, around what kind of work is suitable for your child at the current time. You may wish to plan other separate tasks for your child too outside the ones we have uploaded and I certainly would not want to discourage this. It is important that your child has the opportunity to exercise, explore, play, create and have fun alongside the work we have set and we are just as keen to see these moments too! Your child's wellbeing (and yours) is just as important as any academic work they might produce. You can upload videos, photos, drawings to Class Dojo as well if you wish, even if it is not a specific task us as teachers have set that week. 


I hope I have made as much of the above as clear as possible and it makes sense! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me ( and I will do my best to find a solution!


Take care,


Mr Walsh

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